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  • Artavash Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Lexxmexx.

    I was not on Singnet as I'm in the UK - but I was getting exactly the same issue on a 3GS iOS5. Worked ok on Edge or 3G, but as soon as the phone was on wi-fi it just didn't connect properly.

    Changing the DNS to include worked - but what that tells me is somewhere globally there is a DNS issue as the root servers should make sure that the DNS is propgated out, if we have to select a specific server then there is a problem somewhere.


    Cheers anyway and Merry Christmas!

  • Bibasu Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPhone 4S, 64GB too was/is suffering from the same problem of excruciatingly slow download from App Store. I live in India and am using BSNL broadband WiFi. In fact i purchased "AllofWiki-Offline"  from App Store today morning and started downloading it and even after about 12 hours the download status was 8.56% done.. @5-17 kbps whereas my broadband speed read 1.34 Mbps. But when i changed the DNS value to as suggested by you in the WiFi settings of my iPhone, the download rate DRAMATICALLY INCREASED TO 150-200 KBPS.

    So THANKS A LOT Lexxmexx for the magic solution. At this rate I am hoping the download will complete by tomorrow morning at least otherwise it was going to take months!!!


    However, what i feel is that 150-200 kbps download rate from App Store against available 1-1.5 Mbps speed is still much below the reasonable speed or is it okey?. Could anyone please comment on it? Thanks in advance. (BBSi/SGQ-1B/US/GTK)

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    Hi Ribasu,


    Check your download rate units - you mentioned both "kbps" and "KBPS".


    There is a difference between measurement of speeds in bits per second (usually shown as bps) and bytes per second (usually shown as Bps).  A speed of 1Mbps (bits) is often shown in application software as 125 kBps. This difference is down to the fact that there are 8 bits in a byte.


    So for your specific connections, you say you have a range of 1 - 1.5Mbps - on a connection like that I would expect to receive download speeds of 125 - 187.5 kBps. That sounds a bit like what you were seeing (150-200).


    Hope this was of some value to you.



  • Bibasu Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi mrkelly,


    The unit of actual download speed i was talking about was the one displayed automatically on the screen of my iPhone/iPad while downloading a large size app such as AllOfWiki from App Store and i think it was in kbps. The unit of maximum avilable donwnload speed of my broadband connection i was talking about was the one returned by


    I knew that 1 byte = 8 bits, but i thought whenever we talk about data transfer speed in terms of kbps or KPBS it is always assumed/taken as "bytes" and NOT "bits".


    Thank you very much for clarifying the subtle difference in wiriting the units of data transfer rates. Your reply will definitely help me in properly assessing and analysing donwload speed of my connections henceforth.



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    Any news on this? I've got an iPhone 5, and the first days after purchasing the unit App Store was fast. Now it takes forever just to open it. And updates, freakishly slow... If one google "slow app store", you get many hits. This got to be fixed.. Apple products used to be fast, and that was why i purchased iPhone 5 instead of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now I'm not sure that was a wise decision..


    App store on my iPad 3 is normal, installs/updates apps fast too.

  • BB CAT Level 1 (0 points)

    In Privacy->Location Service->System Service, turn "Genius for App" OFF


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        There is a rumor that this problem is only acting up on the ios devices that had to many different accounts on them(second hand ) "Based on this rumor > "this problem "may encourages people to buy new phones instead of second hand.....Let's say,maybe, if you buy a new iphone 4 from any apple store  you wont get that problem even if you have the latest ios on them.This rumor started when too many people-have complained about this problem but no one has given a solution or at least a valid response like please wait for a patch or update ,we're gonna fix this problem....etc (maybe for that reason^^^) .But ,like i said ,i think is just a rumor because i know too many people who have given up on their new iphones maybe for  those type of problems.What do you think

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    I figured it out. You need to turn off genius in general not just the location


    Go To:


    Itunes and app stores

    Click on your email/account

    Press view apple id

    Enter your password

    Then press turn off genius for apps

    Then hit turn off and you

    r all set enjoy the speedier app store

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