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Not sure if this is a taboo subject so I apologize in advance if it is.

My wife knocked my iPad off my desk today and the screen cracked when it hit the floor. My house insurance will cover it but the cost of excess would mean its better I just buy I new iPad myself. I spoke to the apple care people and they say its going to cost about £260 for a repair.

I would rather do the repair myself so my question is, where can I buy genuine apple spares like a replacement screen in the UK? I've found a few sites that sell the screens for around £100 but I'm sceptical about their authenticity when it states things like 'premium craftmanship' and 'quality materials'. It makes it sound like someone (other than genuine part) has made it.

On a side note, the iPad had a otterbox defender case on and it only fell from about 2.5 foot and the screen cracked - waste of £60 in my opinion!



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    Talk to Otterbox, maybe they will provide some assistance on the cost.

    You will have to become an Apple Authorized Service Provider to buy genuine Apple parts. Will cost you much more than the prices you've listed to do so.

    You might want to use Google to see if there is a 3rd party site that can repair your iPad for less. But unless they are an AASP they will also be using OEM parts.
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    I've seen numerous sites along the lines of iFixIt offering the screen/digitizer combo for just a bit north of $100. They also include a screen removal tool, which just looks like a big spudger to me, instructions, online and video help from their sites, and so forth.

    If it were me, I'd go that route. It's a small percentage of the total price of the iPad system and considerably less than you would pay Apple or their agents for the same job.

    Also, if it were me, I wouldn't blame the case.
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    I've spoken to Otterbox but they were totally on the defensive - telling me how great their product was at protecting the devices. Asked me if there was anything they could assist in apart from replacing/repairing my iPad - think they were probably hinting at giving me a replacement case. Obviously they missed the point of my email when I complained that it didn't work for my iPad!

    I'm not blaming the case for the break - my wife was the one that knocked it off the desk so she is to blame (and will never be allowed to forget it ). My gripe with the case is that from the description on their website (and from most reviews i've read), this case is supposed to be tough and handle stuff like this. I don't think a 2.5foot fall onto a wooden floor is all that great a distance but hey, i've been proven wrong!

    There are lots of places in the UK that offer the repair service but it'll be cheaper and quicker to do it myself. I've already removed the screen and it only took 2 minutes! A replacement screen here in the uk is retailing at about £100.00. I just wanted to know if anyone else has tried it and if the 3rd party screens for sale are as good as the original?


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    Not surprising, I've seen heard of enough incidents where Otterbox cases saved iPhones, Ipads, etc., but they are indestructible. Wood is hard and if the device falls at the "correct" angle the screen will break.

    Keep in mind that Apple doesn't make screens at all, nor do they design them. For the iPhone 4 and iPad they buy them from LG Electronics.
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    probably not going to take the chance of possible getting a duff screen online so will just get apple to repair it. Its kinda good this happened - I can now make the wife feel super bad for breaking it so that when the iPad2 comes out I'll have less resistance from her when I buy it

    Also, otterbox are sending me another defender case to say sorry

    Cheers for the help,

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    I have found this website http://www.replacebase.co.uk/index.asp to get genuine apple parts.

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    I fix idevices for a living and i used to buy parts on ebay but you never know about their quality. Now i get stuff from www.cellbodyshop.com or www.muchbuy.com - they have both original and replica parts and they always tell you what youre getting. Always a good quality and i never had major problems.

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    I usually shop on ebay or cellbodyshop.com - ebay is a little inconsistent sometimes and cbs tells you if the part is OEM or a copy.

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    I would use www.iparts-4u.co.uk for iPhone and iPad spares they are very good quality and come with a 12 month replacement warranty, these guys are honest about there goods and they will tell you if a part is original or copy and what the quality is you will never buy a bad part from here, and the 12 month replacement warranty speaks for its self check out there iPad prices at  http://www.iparts-4u.co.uk/iPad and if they haven't got a part you want just email them and they can get it for you they are very helpfull.