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Christopher Morgan Level 2 (150 points)
I bought a WiFi-3G iPad here in Australia when they first came out and promptly bought a 12-month data plan from Vodafone. This plan is nearing its renewal period now and I need the phone number to purchase an extension. Unfortunately, it's been so long that I can no longer find the packaging that the micro-sim card came with and so I don't know the phone number, which is required in order to purchase the renewal.

Where can I locate the phone number? Under Settings>General>About, there is a lot of useful information but for 'Cellular Data Number' is states 'Unknown'.


MacBook Pro, 3G, 500G, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    By chance you could pop out the sim card and see if the number is on it.
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    I don't know how it works for you in Australia, but on mine, under settings; cellular data; view account;
    I have to log in with my email address and my password, then it shows me how much data is left and also shows my account phone number. Best of luck.
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    Mine shows up in Settings, Genral, About, Cellular Data Number.
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    Most useful response...Thanks!

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    Mine shows in the same location as the previous poster as well, but I'm in the US with AT&T. Good luck.

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    my ipad has no cellular, so i cannot check myself. try sticking the sim into your iphone. then the number should be visible in various places (eg settings/phone).


    didn't you register this number as well for use on facetime and imessage? then it should be present there, too, even on the ipad...


    good luck

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    Hello guys I'm with the same problem trying to find out my sim card phone number on my iPad and neither of the suggestions above showed me the number. I'm I n Brazil


    the only reason I'm searching for this info is that when trying to log in at the WAZE app it now asks for the cell phone number so they can send you a text message with a code to verify your account.  Before they would allow us to log in using our account user id


    my iPhone works as it received the code via text message and I want to be logged on my iPad using th same account , just the way I used to on the previous WAZE versions

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    Contact Waze for an alternative method of verification. iPad does not have

    cellular phone capability - data only. Or use Skype/similar program to

    get a phone number on your iPad and use that to verify Waze (I do not know

    if Skype is capable of receiving texts - I leave that as an exercise for you).

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    Thanks for responding

    i browsed again and found a hidden link for those who were already a user and managed to login successfully


    Problem solved !

  • imobl Level 5 (6,137 points)

    Good to hear that the problem is resolved. Thank you for the update.