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So here I am, doing my own thing as usual, editing, getting ready to slap on a lower third. So I decide to design it a different way this time. What if it looks like a curvy sheet of paper coming from the bottom of the screen, so that it's not just a regular suspended lower third that flashes on and off.

All good until I export the thing. It took me 2 hours to understand why FCP 7 is ignoring png transparency. Apparently, it's not how you export it, it's not the content (weird layers modes), and it's not even the DPI setting. It is the design itself. For some reason, FCP thinks you should never attempt to bring in a lower third that starts at the bottom of the screen, filling it completely. So there ya go. If you want PNG transparency, DO NOT FILL THE BOTTOM PART OF THE IMAGE. Leave some transparent space. Talk about putting your creativity on a leash.

To better illustrate this odd behavior which I would classify as a bug, I wasted 5 minutes recreating my "problem" for the world to see.

Have fun!


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)