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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I bought an iPod touch 4G. When I got home, I plugged my iPod into iTunes and synced it all up. It was working for about two hours but then it started to act weird. I would be in the middle of playing a game and it would freeze and not let me do anything. I tried pressing the home button, the lock button and the volume buttons but it just was not doing anything. I decided to put it down and just let it sit for a while. When I came back to it, it started working again but then a few minutes later it did the same thing. I tried to reset it by pressing the home and lock buttons together but that did not work. I put it away again and when I went back to it, it was fine. This happened about four times. The last time I restored it and it was working fine. This morning, it was doing the same thing so I tried to reset it and then restore it again. Nothing worked. I tried to plug it into the computer but it didn't recognize it. When I plug it into the computer now, the Apple logo appears on the screen but it goes back to black almost immediately; it keeps doing this. I have not dropped it or gotten water on it and, like I said, it was just purchased yesterday. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me on this topic.
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