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I just bought the new iphone4. I set up bluetooth with my Mercedes and connected fine the first day. After syncing on my computer all my contacts, etc., the bluetooth function on the iphone won't "discover" anything! I restored the phone 2 or 3 times as instructed by Apple support. It still won't quit searching for a device . What can I do to make it work again?

iOS 4
  • John Melby Level 1 (55 points)
    I have a similar problem with the new Verizon iPhone 4 and my 2010 Toyota Prius. My wife's AT&T LG phone connects (and my old Verizon LG phone connected) automatically without problems. Sometimes auto-connect works with my iPhone, and at other times, either the iPhone does not discover anything, or it discovers my car hands-free kit but won't connect to it. After fiddling with it for 10 or 15 minutes, I can usually manage to connect by trial and error, but I still haven't been able to figure out what the steps I use to connect actually are. Everything seemed to work fine for the first day or two, but now it's definitely hit-or-miss.

    Any suggestions? Please!
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    This Bluetooth problem is common with the iPhone 4. My very old 3G worked perfectly in my 2011 Subaru. Not so with my iPhone 4. Lots of complaints about this in Apple Dicussions. For all the design elegance of this phone, the iPhone 4 Bluetooth malfunction and the way it's being handled stands out as a exceptionally lame.
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    I just got the Verizon iphone4. Pretty good overall, but the Bluetooth with my Acura TL will work for a few days then stop - I have to turn off the bluetooth on the phone and re-enable it and it works for a while and then quits - Frustrating. Might take the phone back and get something else. Verizon personnel not yet very proficient on the phone, but perhaps need time.
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    I saw a report somewhere on the Internet from someone who has access to the beta that iOS 4.3, which is rumored to be released in a few days, fixes these Bluetooth problems. I don't know how true this is, but let's hope that it's accurate.
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    Jumping on this band wagon with the rest of you. Does anyone from Apple read or even reply to these posts?

    I have installed OS4.3 which unfortunately did not fix my bluetooth connection problem with iPhone4. I have 2 bluetooth devices configured (BMW integrated and Motorola H710). It wasn't until I upgraded to iPhone4 that I discovered the constant "not connected" problem for BOTH devices. My previous iPhone (3Gs) had no problem automatically connecting to which ever device was on, or switching back and forth between devices. Today I decided to remove and rediscover both devices, which didn't seem to make a difference.

    The only way I'm able to connect is by going into Settings and turning off bluetooth and then turning back on. Try doing this while driving down the freeway!!! Phone rings, answer, eyes back on road, ok look for 'speaker' feature so you don't get a ticket for talking on the phone. Then take eyes off road again to look for "settings", watch traffic again, look for 'bluetooth', eyes back on road to make sure you're still in your lane, back to phone and press bluetooth OFF, eyes back on traffic, press bluetooth on, ooops bluetooth off didn't turn off, so turn off again, eyes back on traffic, ok, now can hit bluetooth on. In the middle of all this your caller is still there talking to you too Yep, I'd say this is a big problem. Good thing I don't drink ...and drive, huh?

    My biggest mistake was waiting past the 90 days (by 1 day) to contact Apple support, so I can't even get help unless I'm willing to fork over $30.

    Hoping somebody reads this and has already contacted apple support for solution. If so, please share.
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    Before upgrading my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3, my iPhone connected automatically to my car stereo (Ford Galaxy 2011). After upgrading, each time I have to manually go to iPhone BT Settings, select Ford Audio and click on it to connect.
    The same problem persists after re-pairing the devices, too.
    This would be the second time, I'll have to downgrade my iOS due to several difficulties I have observed with my iPhone in past.
    Does anybody found any solution to this problem?
  • John Melby Level 1 (55 points)
    Since I've written about my connection problems with my Verizon iPhone 4 and my 2010 Prius, I should probably report that since the Verizon carrier update a couple of weeks ago, I have had absolutely no problems with my iPhone not connecting. I cannot understand why the update should have made a difference, and there is probably no connection, but anyhow, that's the way it is for me. Go figure! I guess the gremlins are at work.
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    Disappointed to see that others have complained to Apple with no response. I paired my iPhone 4 with my Mazda 5 successfully the first time, but it hasn't worked since. For such an expensive phone and such a trendy reputation, Apple support is the pits.

    Please, Apple - show some of the same interest in us AFTER we purchase your product as you do when trying to sell it to us!!