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Jolly Blackburn1 Level 4 Level 4 (1,510 points)
This has happened about three times in the last two weeks.

I'll be using my macbook pro and close the lid when going going to do something else.
I come back and open the lid. I get the screen for a brief moment. It turns blue and comes back up but ALL running apps have mysteriously quit. No alerts about apps quiting unpextedly. Any unsaved work obviously lost.

Anything in the login items immediately restart.

Strange thing is it's not a total system crash. The macbook is still booted and running OSX and ready to go. But everything quits.

Is this a known issue? An OSX bug? Hardware related?

It only happens infrequently and just started recently. There are no other performance issues.

Macbook PRO 15" 2.4 2010, Mac Mini 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • leroydouglas Level 6 Level 6 (15,870 points)
    What percentage of free harddrive space do you have available? 10-12% is bare minimum.

    Try booting off your install DVD and run Disk Repair from the Utilities dropdown menu.

    See if this helps.
  • Daniel De La Torre Level 2 Level 2 (225 points)
    Mine had been doing exactly that also. Took it to the Apple Store and the guy had no explanation for it since I couldn't isolate the behavior so he could see what I meant. He reset the PRAM and some other setting and it hasn't done it at all up until about last week it happened once. If it continues doing this, I'll reboot off the DVD and run the diagnostic.

    Just wanted to let you know you're not the only one who's run into this! :]

  • Jolly Blackburn1 Level 4 Level 4 (1,510 points)
    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I think I isolated what is causing it.

    It happened again last night. I was watching a youtube video and closed the lid while it was still playing.
    All apps quit.

    That sort of jogged my memory -- last time it happened I did the same thing.

    I fired up Safari and went to youtube. Chose a video and played it and shut the lid.

    The problem repeated itself.

    No idea what's happening but I'm going to assume it's software related and see if it happens again outside of youtube.
  • Daniel De La Torre Level 2 Level 2 (225 points)
    I decided to re-visit this thread after my MacBook Pro did the same thing this morning (I had replied to this thread previously). Funny you mentioned YouTube because I was watching a video last night before closing it for the night. Not sure if I shut it while playing though but it's interesting that this issue presented itself for you as well after using the site. My machine otherwise works great, but it can be irritating when it does wake up, flashes to blue screen and then loads desktop with all applications and windows closed. When this does happen, it will occur in the morning upon opening for the first time after being asleep for 5-7 hours.

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    I'm having a similar problem. Initially, this used to happen after opening up my MacBook. (I would often close the laptop while watching a YouTube video, but I can't remember whether I did this on the specific occasions when I experienced the problem.)
    Today, though, I've been having this problem quite often - at least once every few minutes. The blue screen generally shows up when I'm opening Safari, opening a new tab in Safari, opening Firefox, or going to Spotlight to make a search. After a few seconds of the blue screen, it returns to Finder, with all applications quit, and with the network, sound, language, battery, etc. icons showing up as if I had just logged in. Also, the applications that I have set to automatically open on login do so at this time.
    I haven't contacted Apple Support yet, but I'll certainly do so if it continues.
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    I am experiencing the same thing on my mbp 15" 2.2GHz late 2007 model.

    It started a few months ago. In some of the cases, it happened after switching to full screen view when watching youtube videos.  I can't say for sure, but I don't think the problem only occurred when watching youtube.

    It may or may not be related, but a few weeks ago, my machine would not wake from sleep, and then would not start up. The sleep light was on constantly when I turned on, but nothing would happen. Zapping pram didn't help.

    I took to apple store, and they diagnosed a defective nvidia video processor, which is a recall part, so they fixed for free.  Before they fixed it, I tried to back up data by mounting my mbp as firewire drive on another mac, but it locked up when I tried to open any folders, then it would not mount again.

    After the motherboard was replaced to fix the nvidia issue, they determined the hard drive failed, so they replaced (not for free, btw).

    I got the machine back a couple weeks ago, with new motherboard and 180GB hard drive, and to my surprise, the blue screen + all app quit problem is still occuring.  It happens a few times a week or more.

    Zapping pram didn't fix.

    I also tried reseating the ram yesterday, and haven't seen the problem, but more time is needed to see if it's still occurring.

    I'm contacting the apple store for a follow up.

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    Ive had a similar problem where the screen will flash blue and return to the desktop with no apps open. I have isolated it to only happening when there are 9 Safari windows open. Anyone have any success or help from Apple?


    I am running a late 2008 model Macbook. With MacOSX 10.6.7, Safari 5.0.5.