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I am trying to rearrange apps on my home screen & then sync my iphone 4.Everyone tells me how much easier it is to do it that way.Mine doesn't let me do anything.Can someone give me some help?

HP Pavillion s7620n PC, Windows XP
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    To rearrange apps on your phone you have to hold one down until it wiggles, then you can move around any of them.
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    To clear things up alittle.
    I am trying to use itunes on my home computer to arrange my icons.Then when I sync my iphone 4 they will be the same.The app pages show up but I can not do anything with them.The computer will not let me.
    I know how to move icons on my phone.Doing it on my computer seems like it is alot easier.
  • tonefox Level 6 Level 6 (8,805 points)
    To arrange apps within the same screen just drag them to where you want them. To move an app to a different screen you drag the app to the required screen thumbnail on the right.