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Hope I am putting this in the right forum. I recently purchased a new Dell XPS L501 labtop with windows 7 64-bit. I installed the 64 bit itunes but when I went to connect my iphone 3G to the labtop windows 7 does not recognize it, itunes does not see it but the phone does charge when connected to the labtop. I have been all over the web tried everything you can imagine and nothing has worked. I've done a clean uninstall of itunes and reinstalled it with no luck. I've gone into device manager and there is no apple mobile device showing up at all so I cant do anything with the device manager advice I've been given. I've taken pictures while connected to the labtop with my phone as someone said that would start the apple mobile device usb driver install-it didn't, it did nothing.

I am starting to wonder if maybe its a usb cable issue? I haven't been able to purchase a new one yet but that is next on the list . I would appreciate any help at all cause I am at a loss after 10 hours of trying to figure this out.

I am travelling right now so internet is sketchy but will respond to any questions of information I might have left out as soon as I can.

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iPhone OS 3.0
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    I am running Windows 7 64 on my HP Laptop with iTunes 64 and an AT&T iPhone 4 w/o any issue. I don't know of any outstanding issues with iTunes 10x however there were issues with iTunes 9x.
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    I'm struggling with the same issue.

    I synced by iPhone once without issue. Now, no matter what I try, I cannot get iTunes to recognize the iPhone. Apple support was no help.

    Tried uninstalling and reinstalling at least 3 times. Even went to the trouble of scouring the registry to eliminate any and all references to itunes and ipod before reinstalling.

    The phone connects to Windows just fine... can see it in Explorer, etc.

    Tried all of the "reset the phone", etc.

    I can plug it into another computer, and itunes will recognize it.

    I can see the APPLE MOBILE DEVICE in services, and can start/stop/restart the service, and get no error messages.

    When I look in Device manager, I do not see any sort of Apple Mobile listing under USB, etc.

    I can see the iPhone listed under PORTABLE DEVICES. I've tried the "search for updated driver", but it reports back that the driver is current. It considers it a digital camera.

    I've tried starting and stopping firewall and AVS.

    I just love these "user friendly" devices that give you no troubleshooting clues whatsoever.

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