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I've got a problem with my brand new Iphone 4(firmware 4.2.1).
First of all, I don't have a micro sim in it because I haven't received it yet,.
I've got a wireless network here without any WEP password or something, just a mac address filter.

The problem is, that the iphone doesn't find the signal of the wifi in my room (it's on the second floor / the router is on the first floor). If I go to the room of the router the iphone finds the wifi signal. If I leave the room where the router is, the signal is very bad.

I've got a Ipod touch second generation too. This device gets the signal of the wifi in my room (second floor) with 2/3 of full intensity.

Is this a known Issue? And is there any information about iOS 4.3 to fix it?
Or is there any chance to fix it?

Iphone 4 Firmware 4.2.1, Windows 7