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For those who have had or purchased "One to One" was it worth it? I will be purchasing my 1st ever Apple and was considering purchasing this option and was wondering if it was worth the money. Glenn
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    IMHO I don't think it is if you are curious and enjoy computing. I'd recommend using the following Apple sites and if you have specific questions about an Apple application use your 90 days of free AppleCare telephone support. Rather than the One to One service I'd use that money for AppleCare, this extends the hardware warranty to 3 full years and also covers phone support.

    I would also recommend going to your local book store, finding a good OS X book that you like and keeping that on the book shelf as a reference tool. There are many available, just take your time browsing.

    On the sites noted below don't just gloss over them there is a huge amount of useful information in them so take some time and study them.





    http://www.tuaw.com/2010/06/15/mac-101-moving-files-from-your-old-pc-to-your-new -mac/


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    Reasons to not buy One-to-One:

    You're pretty good at solving all kinds of computer problems yourself. If you can do it on Windows, you can do it on the Mac too.
    You have a lot of helpful Mac friends.
    You don't want to make your Mac cost any more than it already did.

    Reasons to buy One-to-One:
    You would rather get a quick personal answer than spend time researching and asking around.
    You are not that good with computers and would really like a patient helping hand.
    You have more money than time.

    I would never buy it, I just don't need it; but I have a friend who is not technically inclined and is busy running a business, and she loves One-to-One. For example she wanted to learn more about iMovie and she didn't want to bother me about it, and she was happy that all she had to do was make an appointment at the Apple Store and they would patiently walk her through her questions. She's done this with different programs and I think her iPhone too. For her, One-to-One is a big reason she prefers the Mac experience.

    For me it is a waste of time and money, but for her, $99 for a year of training is *substantially less cost* than most other types of business training over the same period of time. For comparison, there are all kinds of $99 one-day workshops in a room full of people. But Apple One-to-One is personalized. And she probably wrote it off on her business taxes.