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anybody know of a good antivirus app for the iphone 4?.

iOS 4
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    There are no antivirus apps for an iPhone and, at least at this time, none are needed. For a full discussion as to why, search the iPhone forums for "antivirus" and you'll find explanations as to why getting a virus onto an iPhone would be extremely difficult (as long as it's not jailbroken).

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    There are none. Neither are there any viruses for the iPhone.
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    There is an antivirus program for the iphone, as well as the Ipad and Ipod.


    Intego's VirusBarrier iOS  that is available in the App Store: 



    Intego's web page http://www.intego.com/virusbarrierios/ indicates it costs $3.


    It is useful for scanning attachments to email messages that may contain a virus. 


    There is an artlcle dated July 14, 2011 about it here:



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    waste of time and money, PJ.

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    LOL!  Once, the erroneous contention that there is no antivirus app for iOS was refuted, the next best thing that one can do to save face is claim that the antivirus app that is available is a waste of time and money.


    Sorry, but protecting one's self from virii...regardless of whether any currently exist for a specific platform... is never a waste of time or money.  Even if there is no iOS virus now, given the popularity of the platform, there soon will be.  Therefore, one would be well advised to put protection in place before a **** virus appears, not after.

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    First, at the time the question was first asked - next time, look at the dates of the posts to which you're replying - Intego's product did not exist. So there was no "refutation" at all, just new information.


    Second, antivirus for an iOS device is indeed not only unnecessary but indeed basically useless since the sandboxing of iOS not only makes it all but impossible for a virus to infect iOS, but also prevents any antivirus app from being at all effective since said app could not scan the contents of any other app or process. In fact, what the Intego app is doing is not looking for and blocking viruses that might infect the iOS device, it's scanning other systems and shares for Windows and Mac viruses; Intego says so right in their description of the product.


    "scans files for Mac OSX, Windows and Unix viruses and malware"


    Whether or not anyone will find this useful I can't say, since anyone of any sense will be scanning for such malware on the computers directly and not depending on a phone to protect the computer. But the bottom line, as was said originally, is there are no antivirus apps that can protect the iOS device, and unless the iOS device is jailbroken little or no need for any.