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Is it just me or does your iphone vibrate when a text or mail comes in, whilst on the phone. So annoying makes me wanna chuck the phone out the window. Hopefully i just dont know about the option to turn vibrate off whilst on a call? If not *** man? Surely this is such a basic thing to sort out?


12 CORE, Mac OS X (10.6.6), IPHONE 4
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    yeah but then surely it wont vibrate when i'm not on a call and its in my pocket or what evr. I just want it to not vibrate in my ear when i am on a call and a mail / text comes in. just the mail / text noise would be fine.....
  • roaminggnome Level 10 (95,027 points)
    If you have the alerts set to vibrate, then they will vibrate.

    If you have them set to sound, then they will sound.


    You can leave feedback for Apple at:
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    yeah allready done that. Man that is wack, surely it wouldnt be hard to programme the phone to not vibrate when on a call, if set to vibrate? LAME. Thansk for the info anyhow mate
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    whats funny is that it didnt used to do this this is new since the most recent update it didnt vibrate in your ear during a call at all
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    My 3G always did this, my iPhone 4 has always done this.

    Are you talking about the original iPhone under version 1 didn't do this?
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    no I had a iphone 4 that I ended up getting replaced for other issues which did not vibrate in my ear while on call it was on 4.1 my fiances did not vibrate in her ear until she updated to 4.2.1 my new one which is on 4.2.1 now vibrates in my ear also my fiance still has a iPhone 3g which does not vibrate in the ear during a call it only plays soft alerts

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    Then you either turned it off in settings or it was defective. But it wasn't added in 4.2.1.
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    its not off in settings... and the vibrate function works every where else just tested it with the 3g it does not vibrate while on a call..
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    Thrilled for you. Mine always did (and played the text/mail tone) which I like because often I'm often waiting for the message.
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    Mine does... Wish it didn't, but it's not the end of the world. Just irritating.

    sn4p2k wrote:
    its not off in settings... and the vibrate function works every where else just tested it with the 3g it does not vibrate while on a call..
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    my iphone 4 does as well.. now
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    I've left feedback for Apple about this. Every OS update they've had so far. They're on iOS 5, which means I've left them at least 10+ comments about this one. By far one of the most annoying features there is.


    People ask "Why does it matter, it's a short vibration"... but think about this:


    • You're on a call with a client, and you really need to think about what they're saying. Or maybe what you are saying.
    • Your colleagues start a long, multi-person email thread.
    • Every time you get an email in your inbox, your phone buzzes on your ear
    • Over the next 15 minutes of the client call, your phone is buzzing on your ear every 15-30 seconds.
    • Because you're constantly having your train of thought broken and your ear vibrated, your client thinks you sound like an idiot.


    THAT is why the length of the buzz is not a solution.

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    I agree it's very annoying. Has Apple responded to this?

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