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Hello, good afternoon. First apologize for my bad English. I am contacting you to discuss a possible problem with Snow Leopard and Airport WIFI N.
I recently purchased a WiFi N 300 Mbps router and when I try to sync my macbook or my imac (the latest version of the model) alone with values of 144 mbps in the Link Speed option in the utility network.
My surprise is when I installed Windows 7 on bootcamp to verify the link speed and get 300 mbps.
Been tested with five or six different n wifi routers and the results are the same. In Windows 7 is all right but not in Snow Leopard.
Why still the same hardware, you get different speeds? Where is the error?
I attached a link where is the evidence of the different tests performed with windows 7 and with snow leopard.
Please ask them a possible solution or, if operating system problem Snow Leopard, this error is resolved with future updates.
The link of test:

Macbook pro 15" - iMac 21", Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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