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A while back I deleted a graphics file that I had inserted into a regular Pages 09 document. The graphics file was created on Adobe Illustrator, I believe, maybe on Omnigraphsketcher. At the spot where it was deleted a 'not permitted' sign appeared -- a circle about 3/8" across with a diagonal drawn from northwest to southeast. The sign is not selectable, can't be deleted and doesn't interfere with text, i.e., adding or deleting blocks of text can move text along the screen without affecting the position or visibility of the 'not permitted' sign. Another graphic can be laid over it without moving or changing it at all. Finally, when I change the viewing scale the size of the mark does not change on the screen, i.e., text and graphics may shrink or expand but the size of this sign does not vary. It is almost like a watermark but it only appears at this one place in the text. It does not print.

This is not a disastrous problem, but it is irritating. Does anyone have any ideas?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5), Al 15" 1.25 MHz, MacBook