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I have the new Verizon iPhone, and everything works well except I cannot send email messages. I get an error message stating that the recipient was rejected [email address] by the server because it does not allow relaying. What does this mean and how do I fix it. I can get incoming email messages, just not outgoing. Please help!

Verizon iPhone, iOS 4
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    You're a bit sparse with the details so this is just a guess. You're either trying to send an email from address x but using the smtp server for address y or you're trying to use your ISP email address and they have set up their smtp server to only allow connections from their own network.
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    Are you by any chance a road runner customer?
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    What that means is your email provider (probably also your ISP) does not allow someone from outside their network to send emails using their servers. When you are on your Verizon (or AT&T) iPhone cellular network, you are outside your ISP's network, and to them it looks like you are trying to use them to relay your potentially SPAM messages. You need to contact your email provider to see what they offer as a solution.
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    I'm having this same issue and I am a Roadrunner customer.
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    I was told there could be a problem with your Outgoing mail server settings and most likley have an Outgoing authentication error with your server. Make sure all your settings comply with your servers suggested settings for IMAP or POP3 etc. Usually located in options of the web version mail.


    Most importantly make sure your username and passowrd are correct and added in the Outgoing Mail server



    Hope this helps!




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    Wow, thank for noting the Outgoing Mail Server, MikkG.  Updating that did the trick and saved me hours of continuing frustration!! 

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    You need to authenticate your e-mail. You have to mark password. You will find this is advanced