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I have a networked Xserve running 10.6.6. Networked users have a "shared" group folder on the server and connect via AFP. Upon upgrading to Word 2011, users cannot save Word files on the server. The error message is "network file or permission error." Users can save fine using Word 2008. For that matter, users can save Excel 2011 or Powerpoint 2011 files or any other document -- only Word 2011 throws the error. Any ideas?

Lost count, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Do you want to save a complete new file on the server or open an existing file, chance it, an save back to the server?
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    When office programs save over a network share, the temp folder created is named after the local computer's user ID. Since everyone's ID is usually 501, 502, or 503, when the temp folder is created, permissions are set for that ID. If someone else comes along with the same ID, you get a permission error.

    The easiest way to fix this is to change the user ID of the user account on their computer.

    First, log into an admin account on the computer.

    From terminal

    *sudo -s*
    *id username*
    Replace username with the username of the user.
    You should get back a UID, save this number for later.

    *dscl . -create /Users/username UniqueID 1234*
    Replace username with the username.
    Replace the 1234 with a unique number. This will be the new UID.

    *find / -user UID -exec chown username {} \;*
    Replace UID with the users old UID (501, 502, etc)
    Replace username with the username.
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    InterHmai, thanks, I found this fix elsewhere on the net and tried it. No luck. This UID bug is evidently a problem of long-standing.

    Apple is aware of it: http://support.apple.com/kb/TA23804?viewlocale=en_US.

    I tried this method to change UID and set permissions: http://www.inteller.net/notes/change-user-id-on-snow-leopard

    I've had intermittent permissions issues for years on OSX Server with users saving Word docs to the server. I always thought the problem was with Apple, but (no surprise) it seems to be Microsoft's bug.

    In any event, I DID find a fix, though. Essentially what is happening is that Office 2011 has a bug that disallows the word "file" anywhere in the path of Word documents saved on the server.

    See the top of this article: http://word.mvps.org/mac/cantsavetoserver.html

    In my case, the group folder was within a folder called "fileserver". I changed the name to "server" and the file/network permission error disappeared. (Thank you, Microsoft, for allowing me the opportunity to beta test your software.)

    The UID fix may, however, be necessary to implement sooner or later. I found that with Office 2008, permissions would go wonky over time, likely because of the UID issue you describe. The same may be true for Office 2011, but for the moment changing the pathname eliminated the error.
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    Ahhh good to know. We're switching to 2011 later this spring.
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    In my case, this error message started to appear when I switched from local to network user accounts. Strangely, it only happened when users were saving files to their new network account folders and not when they saved to the shared server drive as they had done previously.

    For me, the fix was to manually create the .TemporaryItems folder on the root of the /Users share and give full rights to the users (as pointed out in the latest entry on http://word.mvps.org/mac/cantsavetoserver.html).

    Thank you Rob for sharing this link!
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    Bidli, what did you set as the owner and group for the .TemporaryItems folder?

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    I'm about to try all of this workarounds on our MacPro server and get back to you.

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    Noup, the .temporary items folder didn't work. We are on word 2008, and 2011 on some computers. The server is a 10.6 MacPro with Mac OsX server. All the permissions are o.k. but from this computer, after a long time of activity, the bug appears.

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    Hi chaps,


    I've been getting this issue with one of my clients for years now and it is driving them crazy.


    They have a 10.6 server with various 10.5 & 10.6 clients all running Word 2008.


    Does this problem exist if they all moved up to Word 2011 ??

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    This was the solution for our problem! Thanks a lot for posting.

    I played around a bit and it seems the word "file" simply can't exist in the name of the share. I was able to save word files just fine once I renamed the share... and I could even save in folders called (for test purposes;)) "files".


    Thanks so much for posting. This helped a lot!