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digistories Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
Wouldn't it be good if Aperture could sync with Flickr? I think it would be really useful. I know there's a bitton - but it doesn't work properly does it?

MBP 15" (Unibody) 2.66 Core 2 Duo, 4Gb, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (133,120 points)
    Was there a question in there? Are you having an issue? If so, why no explain what the issue is then maybe someone can help.


  • Graham K. Rogers Level 5 Level 5 (5,430 points)
    As Terence suggests, a real question might be useful. I have used the Flickr button with success and there may well be scores of others: we would hear howls of protest if that were not the case. More information about what problems you are experiencing might give someone here a chance to assist.
  • nick101 Level 5 Level 5 (4,160 points)
    Button works fine for me. What exactly is the problem you're having?
  • digistories Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    This issue has been present since Flickr sync was introduced. Only some of my images sync - so yesterday I had a set of 31 images in an album but when I uploaded them there were only 24in the set on Flickr.
    So I look at the set in Aperture - it says there are 31 images - on Flickr there are 24. So I sync again. Now there are 28 but two of them are duplicates.
    I sync again and all 31 are present along with another duplicate but the colours of two of them are reversed (negative). I tried the same thing with Facebook with very similar results.
    I've been struggling with these errors for months. I've sent my database to Apple at their request - but no reply - I can only assume they thought the upgrade to 3.1.1 had fixed the problem. Well not for me or for this user http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=12667305&#12667305

    Hence my somewhat plaintive request for a Flickr sync process that works.

    A simple upload function would be a better option - so that once the image is on Flickr it remains there unchanged rather than the dodgy sync function which requires me to use Aperture as my Flickr manager rather than just an image processor. Flickr is quite capable of being managed through a browser with this frustrating and flakey process built into Aperture.
    Thankfully there's Flickr Uploader for Aperture.
  • thenextbutton Level 1 Level 1 (100 points)
    You can pay for one, it is only £14.

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    OMG! This bugginess is driving me insane! I am having the same issues. Aperture says there are 320 photos in the set. When I go to Flickr, there are 245. If I keep syncing, it keeps finding new ones, but then the "date taken" field get changed somehow. The date shows correctly in Aperture, and even correctly in the EXIF data for specific photos in the original date field in Flickr. My photos are also rearranged as "manual." I really want this to work, because if it worked correctly, it is a great tool.