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Tarek Elsakka Level 1 Level 1
Hey there,

I haven't been using my Magic Mouse for around a month or so but I started using it again a couple of days ago. It worked for a couple of days but today I am noticing that it's not. I am not sure if it is the reason or if it's my computer.

The bluetooth in my computer reads it and supposedly connects to it but the green light on my Magic Mouse keeps blinking and doesn't settle so it would work. I am not sure where the problem is. I have included a video to better explain what I am talking about.


And this is a screen shot of me trying to add the mouse again after deleting the com.apple.bla bla file from the Preferences folder and restarting.


Thanks a lot.

2010 MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 15" Core i5 2.4 GHz
Solved by captfred on Feb 15, 2011 3:30 PM Solved
That's a good approach. Curious that it recognizes your device name but won't pair.
  • captfred Level 7 Level 7

    Rather then trying to pair in System Preferences > Mouse, Try it in System Preferences > Bluetooth > List on the left is currently paired devices.

    If your mouse is already there, highlight it and remove it with the "-" key below the list. Now turn your mouse off and back on (puts it in discovery mode) and hit the "+" key to pair it. You can tell if it connects by the green light next to the mouse entry and you can tell it to connect by hitting the "gear" icon below the list if it doesn't connect automatically. Also add it to favorites using the gear icon.

  • Tarek Elsakka Level 1 Level 1
    Thank you for your reply, Fred.

    Unfortunately, that did not work. This is what I get when doing so:


    I think I am going to try using the mouse with my Dad's Vaio and my older MacBook Pro. If it doesn't work then my mouse is perhaps dead.
  • captfred Level 7 Level 7
    That's a good approach. Curious that it recognizes your device name but won't pair.
  • Tarek Elsakka Level 1 Level 1
    To my surprise, it just worked. After pairing it with the other computers and then with my Macintosh, it worked like a charm. Although it still will not work on Windows 7, I'm pretty happy with it on Macintosh.

    Thanks for your help, captfred. Just thought I should update the situation.
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    Thanks for the feedback Tarek.
  • Tarek Elsakka Level 1 Level 1
    You're most welcome, mate. By the way, I reinstalled Windows 7 after it crashed on me and now the Magic Mouse is working just fine on both operating systems. I am guessing it was a problem with the Bluetooth drivers on Windows.
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    Captfred, Your solution worked for me.  Thanks!  The problem is that this has randomly occured several times, and i don't know why.  It' s very annoying, and if I did not have a USB mouse handy to fix the problem, I would be stuck.  How do we avoid the problem in the fisrt place?