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My daughter is taking a Pay and Go original generation iPhone to France and we wish to use the iPhone tracker. The phone tracker works in the UK via MobileMe. There seems to be some confusion amongst O2 staff about whether this uses data or phone to operate. Any advice would be much appreciated about whether the above facility will work with an O2 pay and Go in France and whether it uses Web Data or phone data to operate. The network will be set to "automatic" and data roaming to "On"
Thanks in advance

Original iPhone, iPhone OS 3.1.3, Pay and Go
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    The iPhone must be connected to the internet via WiFi or the cellular data network in order to be located. If the iPhone does not have an internet connection, it cannot be located. Thus, unless constantly connected to WiFi, you'll be using cellular data-expensive in a roaming situation. Hard to believe O2 can't give you a straight answer regarding this.
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    Thank you for a prompt and very helpful reply. Any guidance as to how much data will be used over a week (if all other options such as mail, contacts, calendar etc as switched off) would be much appreciated.
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    The problem you're gonna face with the original iPhone is the fact that, by design, it is meant to ALWAYS have a data connection. iOS 4.0 introduced the ability to turn cellular data off in settings, however iOS 4.0 is not available for the original iPhone. iOS 3.1.3 is the end of the line for that model, thus there is no way to completely turn cellular data off on that phone. About the best you can do to minimize data usage is make sure push & fetch are off(no longer required for the Find My Phone feature), only check email when connected to WiFi or use apps that require internet access when connected to WiFi. However, I suspect your data usage will still be high/expensive. I did mention that roaming was extremely expensive, didn't I?
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    Thanks again for advice. I will let you know how it goes. Phil