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G'day just wondering if ANYONE can help me with a small problem?

My iTunes won't connect to the store, I'm not sure EXACTLY how long it's been going on but the last few weeks it's had a pop up saying something along the lines of "iTunes can't connect to store right now" & I've tried repeatedly... Haven't had the problem before & I have a new iPhone that I'm trying to sync to use & iTunes doesn't even think it exhists & I NEED my phone working as my other mobile has been deactivated sue to the sim having the same mobile number & I have a baby so if i NEED to call snyone for any reason I can't...

Please help I'm tearing my hair out

I'm running iTunes on a Toshiba laptop with Vista & I just did an update of iTunes yesterday I thought that would help, but hasn't. Haven't had a problem before I'm lost/___sbsstatic___/migration-images/migration-img-not-avail.png PLEASE HELP