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Hi All,

I've recently moved and got fed up with the problems accessing iTunes files on an external HD so I went through the process of moving them to my new PC's internal HD. All was well and all my albums/tracks are there the only exception being Audio Books that I had purchased from iTunes, I cannot find them anywhere on the Ext. HD or my new PC, does anyone know if iTunes allows me to download them again as they were bought about 2 years ago?

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Reply by Mac on Andy on Feb 16, 2011 3:06 AM Helpful
I should make sure you do a thorough search of the external HD as it's unlikely the audiobook files have disappeared. If after a thorough search you are sure the files are not there the only other thing you can do is contact iTunes Store and explain what has happened. There is a slim chance they may allow you a goodwill redownload, although to be honest the terms of the iTunes store make it clear that you are responsible for the backup of purchases from the store, not them.

Contact them here

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