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My iPod nano 5th generation battery is losing charge. I do not use this this ipod alot because I have older ipod iPod nano (3rd generation) which I like better. The problem is this ipod gos dead even if I don't use it. This ipod will not shut off and thats why it gos dead.

Is there any way to troubleshoot thlis ipod nano 5th generation to find out how and why it will not shut off, because this should not go dead if your not using it...

dv41275mx, Windows 7
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    The iPod Nano 5th generation does not actually shut off. It "sleeps" by pressing the pause button until the screen goes black. To keep the battery from losing its charge, keep the iPod Nano connected to your computer, wall charger or a charging dock when not in use.

    When the iPod is left unattended (not charging), the battery will still lose its charge. This is mentioned in the battery section of the iPod Nano 5th Gen. User Manual.