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I'd like to stream Netflix movies from my computer to watch on my LCD HDTV.
I have a 2007 macbook 2,1 model No. A1181. It comes with a mini DVI port. My LCD HDTV is a 26" SANYO model No. DP26640 which comes with a PC Input that looks like VGA. I read that HDMI provides better picture than VGA and my TV has HDMI ports but I don't know if I can use those to connect the TV to my macbook. I would like the best picture quality possible without overscan. Can you tell me 1) which of the two VGA or HDMI would provide the better picture. 2) Will an HDMI connection cause overscan? If an HDMI connection is indeed possible providing a better picture than with VGA and without overscan then 3) Which cable(s) would I need to get picture as well as audio from my TV.
If an HDMI connection is not recommended then which cable(s) including audio cables (please be specific as I don't know much about general cable terms) would I need for the VGA connection(s)?
I'm looking for the simplest way to do this using if possible the least number of cables, adaptors etc... to obtain the best possible picture and audio for viewing streaming movies.
I appreciate any and all help possible
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

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