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Recently I have given my Macbook pro to local apple service center as it suddenly turned off & never got started, I was informed by service center that it has some problem in its logic board so I need to replace it. but my Macbook is out of warranty period.. so they have quoted me Rs:39,000 for replacing the logic board.. that is simply out of question why would i spend 39,000 on the logic board, if I can buy Ipad even with the lesser price and it seems much more easy to use for me. so I've got my macbook back without rectifying it.

However last night I observed that its battery has come out from one side and was not flush with the rest of the casing. So i popped it open using the latch and tried to see if i could close it properly.

It seems like the battery has sort of expanded on one side, to the point where it's pushing up against the access panel and not letting it close completely.

I never gave my machine to service center like that, battery was exact fine, I am quite sure that battery is not of my macbook, it has been replaced with crashed battery while it was in the service center (as my macbook was in the service center for more then one month).

So i am looking for the way to find out if this battery is for my macbook or not. the problem is I don't even have its box or receipt which could include its configuration details and since my macbook has logic board problem so I am not even able to switch it on to check..

If some one can please tell me that serial number which is given on the Macbook Battery is the same as actual Macbook serial number which i can see in Battery bay; I can see both serial no's differs.

i am not sure if batteries have its different serial numbers from the machine serial numbers? if some can tell me this so that I can go back to service center with the concern or if battery serial no is suppose to be different then please suggest me how can i go about notifying same to service center, I mean if they would deny and won't accept; either battery has been changed or damage to the battery has been caused by them; then i would have no proof to prove this.

Please suggest??

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    Your battery's serial number was never the same as your MBP's serial number, and there is no way for you to tell whether another battery was substituted for yours in the shop unless you have a record of the original battery's number. Your MBP's original purchase receipt and packaging would not have included the serial numbers of components and subassemblies like the battery — only the whole computer's serial number.

    Batteries sometimes swell abruptly as they approach the ends of their useful lives, and it's entirely possible that your battery did so while it was in the shop for a month. Now you will need a new battery as well as a new logic board if you want to continue using the computer. But because you aren't willing to pay the cost of a logic board replacement, the battery doesn't matter.

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    eww is exactly correct. This is an issue that does happen with Apple batteries. It doesn't mean that it is defective but they do expand. If the battery is built-in you can call 1-800-APL-CARE and they will arrange for a mail-in repair to remove the built-in battery. Other than that your battery is depleted and reached the end of it's life.