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My phone has to decided that it is going to randomly delete my contacts. I discovered this problem two days ago. I reached out to the contacts that had been deleted and asked them all to text me from their phone so that I could put them back into the phone. Last night my son called me, his name did not show up, just his number, so I put him back into my phone as well. This morning, I was going through my call log, and discovered his number, without his name, again! So between last night at 8:00 p.m., and this morning at 7:00 a.m., my phone deleted him from my contacts again. I did not sync my phone last night, just charged, so there would be no reason that his name should have disappeared. Upon further inspection, I discovered that all of the contacts that I input yesterday had disappeared again. I promise, this is not an user issue, I am well versed in inputting contacts. Please help, my friends are going to get sick of my asking them for their number, every other day. Thanks.

Mac, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    What are you syncing your contacts with?
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    I am having the exact same issue. I started a gmail account about a month ago. I just noticed the missing contacts yesterday. Last week I couldn't find a contact I thought I had, but I didn't put it together until more contacts were missing yesterday (that I KNOW I had). Today two of my "favorites" on my phone came up as just the numbers, the rest of their contact info is completely gone. When I enter one name in the phone's email program, her email comes up, but no other information is available.
    I have a iPhone4. The contacts in question are gone from my computer, phone and gmail account, but I have not knowingly synched any of them since Thursday night. My missing "favorites" were there yesterday. I also reentered the information for one contact yesterday to have it gone from all places again today.
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    I have just discovered a similar problem on my phone. I have my phone set to sync with Entourage and Yahoo and Entourage in turn syncs with Address Book. I've recently discovered the second person gone missing. I have so many contacts in my phone book I can't be certain no others have been deleted.

    I did not seem to have this problem when I was using the iPhone 3, but it has happened twice since I switched to the iPhone 4.
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    I am getting this problem with my iPhone 4S, there seems to be no pattern or method, just contacts randomly disappearing. This is happening without any syncs and with contacts which have been saved in the contacts book in my computer for years.

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    Hey there! I am having the same problem. Turns out that i allowed my dad to use my apple ID to download stuff. He also used my id for icloud and when he deleted contacts off of his phone they would delete in my phone also. once i turned off icloud contact sync it didnt delete any of my numbers anymore

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    I am having this exact same issue.  I sync with iCloud but use a different ID for iCloud Apple ID, which also syncs with contacts.  I am getting so frustrated with this phone. My cousin has same issue, she also has a 4S.



    iPhone 4S 5.0.1 (9A406)