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I really like GrooveShark. Has a great database for music and is easy to navigate on my PC, my MacBook and my PC laptops.

It uses Flash......

Please I want GrooveShark on my iPod. Let Flash work on the iPod....

Is Apple going to let Flash work on the iPods?

Also my iPod and now iPad "lock up" (not really, just become inoperable and I have to do a hard shut down) when a website pops up a flash screen. Can't find the "close" button.

Wouldn't being able to run Flash "fix" this problem?

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    Not meaning to be rude, but this has been asked and answered here literally hundreds of times. Again, though, Flash is not available on the iPod touch (or any other device running iOS). This statement from Apple should be informative as to the current status:


    Wouldn't being able to run Flash "fix" this problem?

    A better fix would be for GrooveShark to come out with an app that doesn't require Flash. Meanwhile, there are some apps available that do work with GrooveShark, for at least some functions. Search the iTunes Store for "grooveshark" and you might find something useful.

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    So telling me to "forget about flash" isn't really helpful. I wrote to GrooveShark first because I thought a smaller entity would be more willing to listen to the end users of their products.

    Their "solution" was to "jailbreak" my Apple products. You're saying my "solution" is to ignore the part of the world that uses Flash.

    neither is a solution or helpful. The fact that this "issue" has been answered "literally hundreds of times here" means that it hasn't been solved to new users satisfaction yet, no that it is a "stupid" question. The letter you linked to says "flash is for PCs and mice". So Apples not opposed to Adobe, they don't like PCs?

    So since I was "stupid" to buy a product that doesn't support flash what do I do when a website pops up a flash screen I can't close? (The last one that did was google) DO I have to keep resorting to a hard shut down? Could Apple make a "flash bomb, flash grenade" that would "kill" flash when I hit it?

    The rest may have felt snarky, but if you read to the last question that was serious. How do I get out of a flash pitfall when I hit it. Other than powering down completely and rebooting? (Ugh, PC terms on a IOS website)
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    Not really meaning to be a PITA but the iTunes apps search did not prove fruitful. It gave 3 options to use instead of GrooveShark, but no way to get GrooveShark to work.

    Since this has been addressed here 100's of times could you provide me a link to a thread that addressed the issue, successfully? I don't like Pandora, I like and am used to using GrooveShark.

    Thanks for any help Dave. I know i am probably beating a dead horse to you forum users with 10's of 1,000's of posts to your name, but I have less than 10. And they all surround the use of Flash. Since Flash isn't supported by Apple I realize I will be a short term pain here. But that relief the forum will feel will be because I gave up on geting help from Apple, not because "my problems" were solved.
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    So telling me to "forget about flash" isn't really helpful

    I didn't say that in those words, but for now that's the bottom line. Sorry you don't feel that "helpful", but there's nothing else anyone here can say. Unless and until Apple decides to allow Flash to be implemented on an iOS device, sites that are solely Flash-based won't work natively on any iOS device.

    could you provide me a link to a thread that addressed the issue, successfully?

    There is no completely satisfactory solution for Flash-only sites. The only solution for Flash on an iOS device is to take control of another system, either your own or a hosted service (Skyfire is one such, though it works only for Flash videos, not Flash apps), that can run Flash.

    neither is a solution or helpful. The fact that this "issue" has been answered "literally hundreds of times here" means that it hasn't been solved to new users satisfaction yet

    It means that regardless of how many times people ask, there is not going to be an answer anyone here can provide that is any different. All of this has been covered many times, something a quicks search of these forums for "Flash" will turn up. So there's no point in asking yet again when Flash is going to appear on the iPod. It wastes your time and just starts up an argument that has been hammered here in countless threads already.

    As to getting out of a site that it so inexpertly coded that it locks up the browser when a Flash player isn't present, resetting your iPod is often the only solution. Sometimes, though, if you can get out of Safari, you can do into the Settings -> Safari and clear the cache and cookies and that will cure the problem. Not always, though.

    Could Apple make a "flash bomb, flash grenade" that would "kill" flash when I hit it?

    Flash isn't running, so there's nothing to kill in that sense. The problem is that sites that don't embed Flash correctly seem to cause Safari to lock up, not completing the page load but not releasing it either. Whether Apple could make a toggle that would reset Safari and not have to reset the entire iPod I don't know. You can comment to Apple in the matter here:


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    I like your statement on your profile page he one about security breach Very funny.

    I did a forum search for grooveshark and another for flash, and got nada for results. So please pop me a link to a prior discussion on GrooveShark or on Flash in a reply and I will be able to leave you alone.
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    Search the iPod touch forum, the iPad forums, or the iPhone forums, for "flash".
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    Sorry for being so adament about my GrooveShark

    I do understand how threads can get into flaming matches so I'll stop here. I did try to do forum searches for flash. In the iPod and iPod touch sections. I'll try the others, but don't expect to get any different results.

    I will add that many of the GrooveShark users say to "jailbreak" the iPod/phone... Doesn't that destroy the warranty? Seems counterintuitive to buy a product with an installed OS because you like the ease of the os, then wipe it..
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    There just aren't going to be any different results to get. All anyone here, in any forum, can do is say that you can't run Flash and point to Apple's reason why. If a site like GrooveShark won't or can't provide a native app as an alternative, often you're stuck.

    will add that many of the GrooveShark users say to "jailbreak" the iPod/phone... Doesn't that destroy the warranty?

    Yes, jailbreaking can void the warranty. GrooveShark apparently can't get their app approved by Apple to sell in the iTunes Store (they don't say what the sticking point seems to be), so while they make it available, it can only be installed on a jailbroken device.

    Believe me, I understand the problem. Most web sites that use Flash do not do so for good reasons (one of the dumbest thing I've seen are web sites that use Flash just for static graphics), but some do use Flash to good effect, and it's disappointing when you encounter one of those sites and can't use your iOS device. But I also understand Apple's reasoning, at least in part; Flash has a track record of being not secure, not stable, and has in the past at least been a processor and power hog. I'm sure that some of the problem is business posturing, but there are good technical reasons as well. When, or if, those will ever be overcome I don't know.

    'nuff said.

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    If you have a computer close to where you listen to your music you can easily stream audio from the computer to the iPhone. Just search for the wifi2hifi app. Grooveshark should also work with this app I guess.
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    Thanks Garba, I look into that work around. Seems ironic that I would have to use my MacBook to play music on my mobile Mac device

    Groove shark has an html5 website, but uses Flash to stream the music. It's really a great service and I am bummed that I can't use "the best" on my iPod. Hate buying a good product then having to "settle" for second/third best apps. Should be used to it, I use PC's all the time But gotta say I "prefer" the ubiquitous PC Blue screen of death to the "can't run flash" I get on the iPod.
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    Apple isn't going to do it any time soon, however i disagree that the iPod or iPhone can't do flash because it works if you jail break your iPod and download Cydia. Now despite the name it's completely legal, its yours so you are allowed to do what you want to it, like how if you like the jeans you bought but wish that they were shorter, you are completely allowed to cut them to your knees.
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    Jailbreaking really feels like buying a computer system with an OS installed, paying $100s of dollars extra for that OS, then dumping it for Linux. If i have to Jailbreak my iPod to run the apps that Apple doesn't like then I want the option to buy an iPod with no OS. You can buy HDD's and complete computer systems without an OS, if Apple is steadfast in their denial of offering Flash, GrooveShark and other apps then how about an OS free iPod?

    I know, fat chance there also