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In the Windows world at work - there are some files which are actually eMails in Outlook on Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines. But when I take the individual file.msg and try to open it, nothing. (If I change .msg to .txt I can see some of the message, but lots of garbage, too.

I have OUTLOOK on a 30 day trial (with MS Office 2011) - but can't seem to open the message with that either - it goes into the attachments area and won't open.

What can I do to read these messages? I have an entire folder of them and it would be nice to be able to read them on my Mac instead of going back to the office windows machine. (When I double-click on these files when on a Windows Vista computer with MS Office 2007 and Outlook installed, it just opens Outlook and the message is there. But on my Mac, it opens a new message in Outlook for Mac and then puts this entire message in the attached document area).

Thanks for any comments!

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Steve Schulte
Thursday 17 February 2011

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