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We recently migrated all of our users over to Exchange 2010. After the switch, some of our iPhone users are receiving a prompt each morning to enter their Exchange password. If the user clicks "OK" or "Cancel" the message goes away and their mail works fine the rest of the day. That is, until the next morning when the prompt appears again. I don't know the exact time that this happens, but each user just says when they wake and unlock their phone, the prompt is on the screen. I've been working with MS Exchange support for a month now with no luck. It's such a hard thing to troubleshoot when it only happens once a day and I cannot force the error to happen until the next morning.

This is not happening to all of our iPhone users, just some. My iPhone has been fine from day one. MS Support can't seem to find anything different about my account (or any of the working accounts) compared to the accounts that are getting the prompts.

Has anyone seen this before? Or know how to fix? I've found a couple "fixes" online in some forums but none of them have worked for us.

iPhone 4 + 3GS, iOS 4