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Greetings, I've read many of the support question/answers but can't find one that helps. I just bought my Airport Express. Here is what I have;

- wifi network using a D-Link WBR-2310 router
- cable modem is plugged into the router. Other PC's, iPhone, iTouch are able to connect over wifi network
- WEP Encryption, 128 bit, WEB Key 1, Open authentication

The Problem:
When I run the airport utility it doesn't see the Airport Express sitting 5 feet away. I have reset the AE. The amber light is flashing.

Any help is appreciated.

thanks, Mark

Dell, Windows XP, it's black
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    If you have hard reset the AirPort Express by holding in the reset button until the amber light blinks more quickly and let it restart again back to slowly blinking amber....

    It is producing a wireless network with a name like +Apple Network xxxxxx+. You need to log on to this temporary wireless network first from your computer (there is no security on this default network, so a password it not needed) so that AirPort Utility can communicate with the AirPort Express. It's pretty simple, actually....If you are not on the Apple Network xxxxxx, AirPort Utility cannot find it.

    You can also temporarily connect an ethernet cable from your computer to the AirPort Express and establish a connection for AirPort Utility that way. Once you have the AirPort Express configured, you can disconnect the ethernet cable because the AirPort Express is now on another network.

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    Hi Bob, thanks for your reply. But I'm still having problems.

    I have a cable modem and a D-Link router, my PC (XP) doesn't have wifi so I can't see the AE. I can see it with my iPhone and connect to it though.

    many thanks for your help, Mark
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    my PC (XP) doesn't have wifi so I can't see the AE

    Did you see my comment in the post above about how to connect if you do not have WiFI?

    Things get more tricky if you have a PC because the Windows Firewall and a number of different anti-virus applications will try to "block" AirPort Utility from connecting to the AirPort Express.

    If you suspect these types of issues, you really should post in the AirPort for Windows Forum. The PC guys hang out over there and they are familiar with connection issues with PCs.