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We have Charter email, a verizon iphones, and mac os x. We can not receive emails to our mac and iphones at the same time. According to Charter, there is no way to receive emails to our mac unless our iphone mail server is turned OFF. Is this true? Help.

OS X 10.6.6, Mac OS X (10.6.6), verizon iphone
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    The POP3 mail protocol was designed, and is implemented in many cases, to support one connection at a time. If your email provider is not configured to allow multiple connections, when two different devices attempt to access the mailbox at the same time, both devices may get locked out. This is true and from your post would appear that Charter has not configured their system to allow more than one connection at a time. Not much you can do other than switch providers...get a Gmail account(free), set it up as IMAP & forward your mail to your Gmail account.
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    Can you walk me through how to do that? I know I can set up the gmail account. Then I can set up the gmail account on the iphone. But how do I forward my mail to my gmail account. Thanks for your quick response.
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    Most email providers provide the ability to forward email. You're gonna have to log into your Charter account online & look in settings for this. I'm not familiar with Charter directly, thus cannot give you a step-by-step. Remember, you need to enable IMAP online if you get a Gmail account & then setup that account as IMAP on all of your devices: computer, phone, etc. Doing this will solve your problem
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    I would leave my mac on its orginial POP3 settings?
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    No. You won't even have your Charter account on any device. The only account you'll be using is your Gmail account. All of your Charter mail will be forwarded to your Gmail account. You won't even mess with Charter anymore. I do this with my Comcast account(Comcast is Pop as well).
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    So set up all new gmail account. Only thing I am going to do on Charter is forward my emails to Gmail. Set all the Gmail devices to a IMAP. Thanks for all of your help.
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    You're welcome.

    Here's a good article on how to set things up. Be sure & read the comments at the end:

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    I have the same issues, but wish to clarify a few of the suggestions. Basically, I have an iPhone 4 (Verizon), and a Charter e-mail account. Right now I have configured my Charter account (IMAP) to send/receive on the iPhone. However, now I can't use Outlook on my PC to send/receive e-mail from the Charter account. It gives an error indicating that another device (the iPhone) is already connected to the mail server. I would be OK with this as the e-mail on the iPhone works great, however, I like to download and store my mail locally on my PC. Now I can't do this. The only way around this is to remove the Charter account from the iPhone, dump the messages down from the server to my PC through Outlook. However, that also removes all my mail from the iPhone.

    I'm down with forwarding my Charter e-mail to a G-mail account, and setting up G-mail on the iPhone. However, my concerns are:

    1) Would e-mail I send from the iPhone now show my G-mail address versus my Charter address? I don't want this to happen, too much confusion.

    2) Would I need to configure my home PC/Outlook to download from the G-mail server, or keep it as the Charter server?

    Appreciate any thoughts/suggestions!

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    I got around the single device issue by having my iPhone connect to MobilMe and my laptop to Charter.  (And it took me a year to figure this out sadly!)