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My ipod has been coming up as a camera for a while now but it has been fine and i could still sync it in itunes. but now it wont even show my ipod in itunes, but it does show up in my computer. When i plug it into my computer it does say its charging. I have tried everything it said to do on the apple support site and nothing has worked. If any one has something to resolve this it would be greatly appriciated!

iOS 4
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    I little more information would be useful. What computer OS are you using and just what (e.g., the Apple articles ) have you tried that did not work.
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    I am having the exact same problem with my daughters iPOD touch! I am on my PC and just trying to restore it as it is a hand me down from her brother. Help! Now the display screen just shows a white poer plug and the itunes icon.
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    What iPod do you have and what version of the iOS do you have? You profile says you are running Win 2000 and the iPod/iOS version may not be supported by Win 2000. See:
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    Try this. Turn off your iPod then insert it to you computer. Hold and press home button and wait till your computer recognized your idevice through recovery mode.

    More reviews: [iPod Transfer Backup Reviews|http://www.softwarebbs.com/wiki/IPodTransfer_SoftwareReviews]
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    Itunes cant find my ipod and the only time itunes finds my ipod is wen i put it in recovery mode and the only thing i can do is recover i need help fixing this plz help I have a hp computer windows xp professional sevice pack 3 usb port 2.0 i have all the requirements and i also have the latest itunes
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    Someone with any idea of what to do please tell me oh and I forgot to mention that windows does recognize the ipod like it comes up in my computer but not on itunes.