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Hi world,

I am curious to hear from others about whether or not they are getting a static hiss from their iPad when any system notification sounds or music is paused.

You may need to place your ear up to the speaker but mine is audible in a quiet room from around 2 feet and is rather annoying.

I visited a genius bar and they confirmed the static but the replacement iPad also had this noise so they were unwilling to proceed any further.

Am curious as to whether its just mine or other people have issues.

If you have had problems - Could you advise how they were dealt with?

Many thanks for your time,


Mac Pro, iOS 4
  • deggie Level 9 (52,739 points)
    Not present on mine.
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    Hi deggie,

    Thank you for taking thr time to reply to my query - appreciate it.

    Anyone else out there? :o)
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (103,365 points)

    No static noise noticed from mine either and I wear digital hearing aids. I'd know if there was static.

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    My iPad does this. I got it on release.
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    Wow, these must be some E.T. iPads out thereplaying "perfect sounds" without this hiss in them (they must have some automatic-cleaning feature on, LOL).

    The thing is that samples used for notification events are not perfectly clear and they have this "hissing" noise (not very loud though) in the background, basically "built-in" the sound samples. Mine does too, and every single one at Apple store (display units) does the same. Trust me I checked it myself because I was also curious to find out. Apple store is located just 500 feet from where I live, so going there costed me nothing.


    True, this hissing background noise should not be heard from a far, only when you put your iPad's speaker very close to your ear (almost closing your ear-hole), and only immediately after playing those specific notification sounds. Hissing could last from few seconds, up to almost a minute, depending how close cropped those sounds were. I guess someone did a sloppy job at Apple when editing these sounds.


    Don't worry, it's not your hardware that's defective, it's Apple's software. They could easily fix it if they clean up those system sounds and update everything with next OS update.

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    I bought my ipad last week and hiss appeared only 3 days afterwards.

    I don't think that there is a link with sound samples quality because hiss also appears with very low sound level.

    See links below.




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    It looks like "bad sampling" is not the culprit, but the fact how the sounds are processed before they hit the speaker. I'm telling you I checked all display iPads in largest Apple store here in Toronto (Sherway Gardens) and few in Toronto's suburb, Mississauga (Square One). Every single one was giving me that background hiss when using iPad's internal speaker to play sounds/low music level.


    Try this... play those sounds where hissing noise is most obvious, and after that, plug your earphones into iPad. Magically hissing noise disappeared. It's only how they did the sound send to iPad's internal speaker. Is it a manufacturing error, design error or something third, I don't know. All I know is, it's not loud that I can not live with it. It can be heard only when I put my ear so close, practically sticking it to the iPad chases, which I am not doing. In my case and all other units I've checked at Apple store, background noise is not present in that amount that should be of any concern. If yours is so loud you can't stand when listening to music, I'd say go and ask for replacement. Apple store people are not as stiff as they used to be, they'll help you, I'm positive about that.

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    I started getting a terribly loud hissing/static noise the minute I downloaded the most recent System upgrade last week.  I cannot Skype or listen to any music at all. I am frustrated as I have no idea who to contact or how to get it corrected. Any suggestions?



    Granma Nancy