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Does the iPod Shuffle (2nd gen) need to be fully charged (green light) to appear in my iTunes. I just bought one on eBay... not sure if it works. It's plugged into the USB port and the light is orange (solid, not blinking).

Should I expect it to turn green before it will show up as a Device in my iTunes?

Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    No, it should show up and start charging.
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    OK Thanks. That takes one issue out of the running. I will follow the troubleshooting process to see if I can get it to appear in iTunes.
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    So, the issue on this one was that I was not plugged directly into my computer - I was using a usb hub. Once I removed the hub and put the ipod shuffle (2nd G) directly into my hard drive it opened up iTunes and I was able to synch. It never did show a green light, until I unplugged it and put the ear buds in, turned on the "on" switch and there was a green light. I hope this helps someone else.