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  • thurley Level 1 Level 1
    Thank you so much for this post! I have been doing this and couldn't figure out why only half of my messages would send. You are a life saver!
  • strauboids Level 1 Level 1
    I recently upgraded to the droid x on the verizon network and have been having the same issues. Sometimes question marks between characters.... sometimes boxes. This does not seem to be predictable or strictly an iPhone issue. Most likely a Verizon problem.
  • sweethonesty Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the EXACT same issues, with texting. Also my texts are written as one message, but are received as multiple messages, broken sporadically, like puzzle pieces. Not only is this frustrating... it makes my phone not a functional piece of equipment.
    There needs to be an immediate fix.
    I feel very sure most people have this problem w/Verizon's iPhone, only few recipients have the sincerity to step up and inform the sender that there is a problem. They automatically the problem lies with the sender. Which is far from true. It is a technical problem AND A BIG ONE.
  • sweethonesty Level 1 Level 1
    Yes Apple You need to fix this
  • Robert Bergey Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same problem with messages being broken into pieces, when sent from my AT&T iPhone to any Verizon phone (not just the Verizon iPhone). After doing some experimenting tonight, it appears that the only messages that are breaking apart are ones that have extended characters in them. I often use ellipses "…" and m-dashes "—" to save a few characters in the count. But if I use three periods, or two hyphens (the plain type versions of ellipses and m-dashes), the messages hold together as one complete message. I haven't done a lot of testing on this yet, but so far it's consistent.
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    sweethonesty wrote:
    Yes Apple You need to fix this

    I don't think you can really blame Apple for this. Here's why:
    My wife dropped AT&T and went to Virgin Mobile (which is Sprint) to get their LG Optimus V. I stuck with AT&T and got a Windows Phone 7 device (in addition to my iPhone 3GS). Today, she sent me a text and it had the upside down question mark issue.

    See for yourself:

    At her workplace, where she sent the text from, she's occasionally classified as roaming on the network. Sprint has an agreement with Verizon which allows Sprint to share Verizon's resources when dealing with roaming users.

    So, it sounds like, to me, this is a Verizon issue rather than an Apple one because here we have someone discussing it affecting the iPhone 4 on VZN, a Droid X on VZN, and my wife's Optimus V (Droid 2.2) on Sprint via Verizon's resources.
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    Virgin Mobile (even though it's using the Sprint Networks) does not provide roaming, though. No Sprint coverage = no call.
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    I'm having this problem on my new 4S on verizon. It's pretty frustrating.

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    I just got the iPhone 4S (Verizon) a few weeks ago and so far it's been a great device, unfortunately though I've had garbled out-going texts going through. Sent and received messages on my end look fine on my end. The issue is seen on the recipient's end (Verizon cell user as well).


    It's not consistent though - some texts that I send to one particular person go through as symbols (squares, dashes, etc) while others go through normal. This other person does not have a smart phone. I'm wondering if that might be the problem?


    Would really appreciate any suggestions or tips on how to go about fixing this issue or preventing it. Thank you!!

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    I am having this same issue with my 4s iPhone.  It is really random.  I went to the Apple store and to the Verizon store and they each were blaming the other.  It's very frustrating. 

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    Hi! Excuseme I have the iPhone 4S with Sprint and I have the same problem. My messages goes incomplete to my friends I feel really frustrated what can I do??? Help me please!

  • close-hauled Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having missing text message on recievers end problems.


    I just bought a new factory unlocked iPhone 4s and activated it on my existing AT&T account yesterday.  I had been using my Treo 650 to text my girlfriend who has an iPhone 3gs on T-mobile.  We've been texting hundreds of texts every month, communicating on a daily basis for the last 4 months to stay in touch as she is working accross country, we have not missed a single text message until today. 


    She sent me 3 at a couple hour intervals this afternoon and I recieved them from her and replied, but she did not get my responses back to her.  We were able to text back and forth this morning, and then after we talked on the phone this evening I was able to text back and forth with her, but now we're wondering what has happened that its now unreliable? The only thing that changed is that I now have this iPhone 4s with the latest operating system. 


    I did a Google searches and found many posts from people that have iPhone 4s that are missing texts transmissions and receptions from all the major carriers. Some say its the carriers fault, others say its the phones fault, or the sim card itself, and some have had their phone replaced.  Some said they didn't get any messeges at all, some said they got text messages but they had garbled characters, others got text messages but only after several hours later. Some said it was a problem of crossing between carriers, but others said it was also a problem within each carrier too, like at&t to at&t , verizon to verizon, etc.


    I just got this phone, I paid a lot to get an unlocked phone so I could move carriers as needed if problems arised, but I didn't think I was going to be having problems like this with the phone itself!


    Does anyone have any solution to this problem of people not recieving the texts messages that were sent?  Is there some setting that would make it random? I hate these "it always works except when it doesn't" kind of problems...

  • vp4music Level 1 Level 1

    The only thing I have found is that if you use the three dot button, the message gets sent to some as a blank text or random symbols.  I found this simply by trial and error, and I haven't had a problem since I stopped using that button.  Hope this helps some of you!  It's really frustrating!

  • colega55 Level 1 Level 1

    Which is the three dot button????

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    I'm having the exact same problem as everyone else, and finding all these complaints on the Apple forum AND the Verizon forums is both confirming and darn frustating too. 


    Only had this Verizon i4s phone for less than a week, switched from AT&T 3Gs phones we had for 3 years (with absolutely zero txt problems on AT&T, just terrible dropped call problems and no AT&T service in many areas). Switched to Verizon expecting to solve the 'no signal' problem becuase all our verizon friends can get signals in remote areas where our AT&T phones never could.  Never imagined there'd be a txt msg issue, but there is. 


    One of my friends in SoCal who I txt'd regularly before when I was on AT&T says he now only gets' every 3rd or 4th Verizon txt I send, some are blank, or just don't go thru, and pictures are a 50/50 chance of getting thru. I also sense a long delay in both directions.  Our txt threads this week often seem to make no sense to either of us becuase we are missing comments in both directions.


    i definitely suspect emoticons are dangerous in txts now outside of Verizon (in verizon-to-verizon they seem to be okay).  Never worried about them with AT&T before!


    If you want to be really frustrated, go read some of the Verizon forums where the Verizon support staff regularly tell people in the forum or on the phone or in the store that they've never heard of the problem before or that it must be an Apple problem or an iOS problem or an iPhone problem.  Seriously? You should see the posts and forums on-line people


    half thinking (no definitely thinking) I will go back to the Apple store where I bought these two expensive phones and where there is a Verizon corporate kiosk right outside the Apple store and complain to both of them within the 14 day and 30 day return and complaint policies, and if they say they don't know what I'm talking about they can just get right on their many laptops and google "verizon text message problems" !!!!