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    Hi Jonathan,


    I agree that being able to reverse the date sort in the Library inspector should be possible.


    I think your assertion that Projects should be sort-able by _their_ creation date, and not on the date(s) of the Images contained needs to be further thought out.  The current method comes across as a bit of design arrogance, but in practice I think it makes sense and is both justified and smart.  Aperture is rigorously Image-centric.


    There are at least two other workarounds you might consider:

    - Use Projects View (which has several sorting and grouping options, including "by date, descending").

    - Move your Projects into Folders based on their status.  I have Folders for "Import here!", "Need to be Keyworded", "Done", "Archive" and more.  This post details some of what I do.


    Of course, once you use Folders to group your Projects actively, you can use them in Projects View as well (you can drill down as well as group by Folder.


    Two other work-arounds you might consider:

    - Use the "Favorites" tag for active Projects.  Then filter the Library Inspector for Favorites.  (IME, this has limitations that make it un-advised, but YMMV).

    - Use some kind of text-tag in the Project name, and filter Projects in either the Library Inspector or Projects View by these text tags.  (These text-tags could be put in the Project Description Field as well.  Aperture includes the contents of this field when it filters on Project name.)





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