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Hi, I just got a new Iphone and it seems the mic is not functioning during calls or using voice memos. It does work, however, when I switch on the speaker phone.

I tried restarting and restoring using the latest os and it still doesnt work.

I sent it back to the carrier where I bought the phone. They had me pick it up the next day saying they just restored it - I assume he meant hard reset. I tested it and it worked fine.

The problem came back after I synced it with my mac - (i cant recall what version is my itunes), setting it up as new Iphone but with the same name - I assume this means restoring my old backup since I saw my data back in the phone after syncing - ie. notes.

What do you think guys? I read in the other threads that most just had it replaced - but this doesnt look like a hardware problem since the mic did work. Maybe Itunes is the culprit? (replacement takes a while from where I live).

Iphone 4, iOS 4
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    Sounds like your problem is related to corruption in your iPhone backup, thus restoring from that backup merely restores the problem. Try restoring your phone as a new device, not from backup. Follow that by syncing your content back to your phone. If your problem disappears, you've got your answer. Then go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices(under the edit menu if using Windows) and delete any and all iPhone backups listed.
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    i tried restoring the phone as a new Iphone (this time with a different name). I also turned off auto syncing and did not sync mail/calendars/notes from my mac yet. - It didnt work.

    My Itunes is the latest version. 10.1.2. So is the iOS of my Iphone. 4.2.1.

    I tried hard reset. - It didnt work.

    I tried reset all settings and erasing all contents. - It didnt work.

    I'll try to activate the phone using a different pc/Itunes.
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    if that doesn't work, make an appointment At your nearest apple store and get it replaced under warranty.
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    IF you have tried setting the phone up as a new device and the problem is persistent? You also mentioned the mic seems to work when you use the speaker mode. Have you checked to make sure : 1 There is nothing blocking the mic?
    2 If you have a case on the phone, try without a case 3 The plastic screen protector that comes with the phone.
    Normally after trying as set up as new device, if that doesnt work, that normally would point to a HW problem on the phone, make sure you have tried everything first of all ( Which it looks like you have). Otherwise book into a Genius Appt or phone AppleCare. =)