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    Can you help me fathom this out. A few days I have had the very same problem on my macbook pro. I can't play youtube videos in either Firefox or Safari, I kept getting that **** error message "Flash player has crashed, refresh the page and try again" but it doesn't work. I have uninstalled the Flash player and unpdated to the latest, but still have the problem. NOw I don't get a error message just the blank black screen. I went to the youtube Html5 trial page that you suggested but there is no one to opt out of the trial and actually at the bottom of the page it says :


    "You are not currently in the HTML5 trial."
    Don't know what else to do to fix this. I am on OS LION 10.7.3, I'm running safari 5.1.5 and Firefox is 11.
    Incidently, vids work fine on my imac it is just my macbook pro with the problem.
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    I have finally given up! i just don;t have the time to mess with it - firefox is now my default browser - and it works great - i would prefer safari - but they will have to fix it 

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    Hey Jeremy.

    I went to the HTML5 page but I do not se how to Opt Out. 

    What am I missing?


    Thanks Mark

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    It's at the very bottom Mark, you click a green symbol and it will turn orange. Worked for me guys, thanks!

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