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i have a pretty old 80gb ipod classic that frequently locks and ulocks itself on its own. It completely ignores any commands from the switch on top. It is almost always on lock but switches too unlocked just quickly enough that i cannot perform any actions and often enough that the backlight is constantly being reactivated, draining the battery very quickly.

Iv had this ipod for many years, and have actually tried to repair it before so its in pretty beat up shape. I'm sure its out of warranty. Is there any way i can disable the lock feature entirely using my macbook when synched? I'd be perfectly happy with losing the feature if I could still use the ipod at least. If not what would be my best course of action with my device and possibly getting it repaired or a new one? thanks so much.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Hi there, and welcome to Apple Discussions,

    Looks like you are out of luck! It looks like the switch just may be jammed. Apple may not support the iPod if it is that old. You can try an independent repair specialist, but they also may not be able to help.

    Is it not time just to get a new iPod?
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