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My G4 had been fine since the HD went bad years ago and was replaced.
Didn't use it much for a while, then would start normally but shut down with no warning after a few minutes. Then after seconds, then power btn would light up but shut down immediately.
Replaced battery and pushed PMU button. (button doesn't seem to react in any way so don't know if pushed properly or not)
Then nothing happens at all when I push the startup button. But I noticed a quiet ticking sound coming from the area of the power supply, and remembered I had heard that noise lately not knowing where it came from (when it's plugged in but not on). It has always been plugged to a APC BACKUPS 500.
Put back old battery and no difference.
I hope the power supply is not dead, probably cost more than a G4 to replace it.
Any clues? Thanks

G4 Quicksilver 867, Mac OS X (10.3.x), OS 9 on other partition
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