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My girlfriend and I both have seperate I tunes accounts.

We are now using Itunes on one computer and both have Ipods.

Is it possible to combine the two accounts, and only use one account for sincing the two ipods without loosing any of the items we have already downloaded/bought?


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  • Mac on Andy Level 3 (825 points)
    Yes and no. Music downloaded from iTunes store is DRM free and won't be affected. If you've bought any Apps, TV shows or Movies they will only play under the relevant iTunes account they were bought with. It would certainly be a good idea to chose one account and use only that for downloading items in the future.
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    Sorry DRM?
  • Mac on Andy Level 3 (825 points)
    Drm = digital rights management = how iTunes stops certain items like movies playing unless you are logged into the iTunes account it was bought with.

    Music tracks in the iTunes store don't have DRM anymore, so It doesn't matter which of you bought music, it will play for anyone.
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    can i run 2 iphones off 1 apple account (mine and gfs?)
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    daveydave, I believe you are talking about a single iTunes library. (It is different from an account.) Yes, simply add all the content from one library into the other, and use that one to sync as many devices (iPod/iPhone/iPad) as you wish.
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    If i have music downloaded in itunes account a and b, what is the best way to transfer it from account b into a if account b downloaded music is only stored on an iphone (has not been synced with a computer since it started its life). will i need to download the music into a new itunes library and burn it to a cd to transfer it to account a?


    thanks dave