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Ok, here is what happened:

A friend of mine (brother in law) sold me his iPhone 4 because he wanted one of those HTC Phone models.
I through my 3G into the bin (figuratively speaking) and was the happiest guy on earth.
But then a few minutes later my sister gave me a call telling me she'll be later
in for lunch this day, because she and her husband had to go to police 'cause he lost his iphone and the provider wants a document from the policestation where he reported it stolen so he'll get a discount on his new HTC.

So what will happen if i plug in "my" new iPhone into my PC and insert my SIM to activate it as well as link it to my personal informations (itunes-account).
Will Apple tell police i've stolen a phone ? will they send my data to police in order to arrest the theft ?

u know i was realy happy to finaly get the 4 after my 3g ...
and paid 250 € after all. will all end in me getting accused beein' a theft ?
Or can i just activate it a normal way and nothin' will happen ?
i read so much stuff over the internet about police would not request information about IMEI usings and stuff like that for a lost phone that was not robbed from someone ?

PLEASE HELP, what should i do

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    Why would Apple think it was stolen, unless someone else reported it as stolen? If it is truly stolen I would not activate it, but if it was purchased I don't see any problem. And if it IS stolen you should return it to the owner.
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    Well as i said ...
    The guy i bought it from reported it as lost or "stolen" afterwardsm because he wanted a discount on his new HTC to replace his sold (or as he said "stolen") iPhone.
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    If it was reported to the police as stolen you might have a problem. If it was reported to the carrier it is unlikely that they would report it to the police. They certainly wouldn't in the US, but I can't speak for Germany. (In the US neither Apple or carriers care if it was stolen, and won't cooperate with the police to recover a stolen phone without a court order).
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    Stolen iPhones get activated every day in the US.

    However, I understand things are 'stricter' in Germany
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    PLEASE HELP, what should i do

    Go to the police and your brother-in-law's cell provider and explain what happened. Bring the phone. They will probably want it. It may not be any use to you anyway, since many European cell-phone carriers won't activate a cell phone if it has been reported stolen.
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    how to activate it

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    You are responding to a 3 year old thread .....do catch up