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My Airport Express stopped working & scans couldn't find it. I have powered down my modem and done a hard restart of the AX. After several attempts I was able to see the AX and configure it.

I got a message that everything was successful and that I just had to wait for the AX to restart. But the restart somehow fails (message something like: "unable to recognize/find your Airport Express after restart"). What to do?

iMac Alum 20", Core 2 Duo, 2GHz, 3 GB / Macbook (2010), Mac OS X (10.6)
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    When you reconfigure the AirPort Express and press the Update button, you will get a message that the settings have been stored successfully. This is a misnomer because although the settings might have been stored successfully, AirPort Utility neglects to tell you whether they are the correct settings.

    The AirPort Express can be configured in a number of ways. What function do you want the AirPort Express to perform on your network?
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    I use it to stream music, so I want it to be part of my existing Wi-Fi network. (I should say it's worked for years, though I do recall some difficulty setting it up.)
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    It sounds like you want the AirPort Express to "join" your existing wireless network, is that correct? The Express does not provide any additional wireless coverage when it "joins", but can be used to connect a stereo to the audio output jack to stream AirTunes, or to a compatible printer for remote printing functions.

    In order for the Express to "join" a wireless network, you need to be able to tell it the exact type of wireless security that your main wireless router is using. You may already know this, or if you are not sure, you may need to access the configuration/setup pages of the router to learn what type of security that it is using. +Without the exact, correct security settings, the AirPort Express cannot join a wireless network+.

    Post back when you locate the exact type of security that your wireless router is using and we'll provide some setup tips to get you going again.

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    I don't have any of the original info about my router, but the iMac, I noted, uses the WEP Password security system. The airport setup didn't offer that option, but it did have two WEP choices: 40 bit and 128 (?) bit. I switched to 40 bit and it joined the network. Thanks!