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I've been trying for weeks to figure out what is wrong with my 160gb classic. it is 14 months old, so just out of warranty. I recently updated to iTunes 10.1.2, after not having synced my iPod for a few months. a few weeks later i went to plug in my ipod and it wasn't recognized by iTunes. i got a bit worried, so i kept trying to unplug it and plug it back in. the one time it popped up, iTunes said it needed to be restored, but the restore failed and it was stuck in disk mode when I unplugged it. I replugged it in and it would only show up in Disk Utility. after tonnes of searching, i tried to do an erase from there, which only made things worse, as the erase constantly failed. Finally i tried to plug my ipod into my old PC running Windows XP. after a few tries iTunes recognized it. the first few restores failed, but after about 5 one completed and i could finally access the menus on my iPod again. However, my ipod still won't show up on iTunes on either of these computers. I did a diagnostic test (SMART or whatever) and the number of the ones that aren't supposed to be high are really high. it this a hard drive issue? is there anything i can do?

another thing i ended up doing is plugging my dad's 3G nano into my mac. iTunes wouldn't recognize it either, which worried me. Disk Utility would see it though, so i just ejected it as to not break it any more.

I really want ONE of these ipod's to work! please help!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.6)