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My monitor has a serial and a usb port as well as HDMI. I want to connect my macpro to the monitor.
The mac has a mini dvi output : using this would I have an hdmi cable connector from the mini dvi ? Or is there a way using the external monitor usb connector.

Thanks ahead of time.

macbook pro--snow leopard, Mac OS X (10.6.6), imac intel duo. Snow Leopard.
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    Are you sure it's serial? Is it possible it's VGA? In either case, you can use a converter cable to connect from your mac to the monitor... but USB is not a display connector, so you can't use that. You'll use either an HDMI cable or a VGA cable.
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    Yes my monitor has a serial vga port and a usb. I find the usb is for diagnostics , it threw me off for a while.
    I guess I was asking is there a converter for the dvi outlet on the macpro to go directly to hdmi.

    Thanks for the help.