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When I stream Netflix movies the sound will occasionally stop or it will fast forward a little, does anyone else have this problem. What's the cause and how do I fix it?


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    What kind of Internet connection do you have? What is it's download speed? Are you using the Internet while you stream from Netflix?

    You'll need to supply more information.
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    I have the economy Comcast internet package with download speed of 1.5 mbps. I'm using a Belkin nSurf router, and I'm sometimes on the internet when watching videos but it happens even when I'm not on the computer. I only have this problem with Netflix, Youtube streams fine and I've only streamed music from itunes, haven't tried any videos yet, and it streams with no problems.
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    Are you sure about that 1.5 Mbps? +(It's, "Mbps," not, "mbps")+

    Where I live, the minimum Comcast speed is around 6 Mbps with options to over 40.

    In any case, Netflix does use alot of bandwidth. If you really have only 1.5 Mbps, that could definitely be an issue.

    See this link, paragraph #3: Click here

    I have over 40 Mbps and have experienced the loss of sound during a Netflix streaming session when I accessed Skype on a comptuer at the same time. The sound returned after quitting Skype.
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    I have the same issue as the opening poster....

    While watching a movie on Netflix the sound will cut out for 5 seconds then come back... Sometime fast forward with no sound.
    I usually have the pause and wait for a few seconds then press play and the sound it back... Very annoying though.

    I have a decent Internet connection with 12 Mbps download speed and not using any other computers while watching the movie.
    I have rented movies from iTunes and watched movies that are saved in my laptop sending to the apple tv not having sound issues... I think it is a Netflix and Apple tv combo issue...