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Hi all

I realise the water damage topic has been covered many times but I couldn't find anything relating to the sleep/wake button.

Basically, my iPhone 4 32gb went for a swim down the loo. After leaving it in rice overnight, everything appears to be working ok, apart from the sleep/wake button. I therefore can't turn the screen off or shut it down without doing a hard reset. I realise I'm lucky that this seems to be the only problem but it's quite a serious one. Leaving the screen on all day will mean the battery won't last very long at all, not to mention potential damage to the screen.

Has anyone got any suggestions? Should I leave it in rice for longer? I'm reluctant to take it to the Apple store and fork out £139 for a refurbished phone.

If only there was "an app for that". :-/

Many thanks for reading.

Macbook 2Ghz White, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Leave it a few days. It can take quite a while for it to dry out completely. Airing cupboards are good for this.

    Ideally, you should flatten the battery and not use the phone while it's drying out (to minimise the risk of an electrical short), but that's obviously not always practical.
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    Thanks for the advice.

    I also forgot that I should be able to set auto lock to kick in after a minute so if the worst comes to the worst I should still be able to use my phone.
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    One thing to note when this happens: your iPhone may appear to work (or partially work in your case) but I wouldn't rely on it for an emergency. When moisture gets into the recesses of the phone it can start a corrosion process that doesn't stop just because it appears to have dried out. Some time later it may unexpectedly just pack up and totally fail. Been there, done that.

    Good luck with your iPhone.
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    The trick with water damage is to switch the device off and let it dry for several days in a warm place. It's not the water that causes the problem - it's the combination of water and electricity. It's a pain that you can't remove the battery from an iPhone because that would allow the water to dry out with no power.

    Of course, it makes a differences whether the water is fresh or salty, clean or dirty. Salt water's a killer. Fresh water not so much. If you do get salt water in your device, flushing with distilled water (yes, really) helps.
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    What about water mixed with urine :-/

    I suppose I should be grateful it wasn't a No. 2.
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    Depends on how hydrated you were, but the stronger the urine the closer to sea water
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    I know you don't want to pay for a replacement, but if I were you, that's what I'd do. A friend did exactly the same thing (make a mental note that restrooms and iPhones are NOT good friends) and his phone seemed to work the same way your phone is working. Ultimately, the phone died and he was not able to back it up before it did and lost a lot of data, etc. If you can back up your phone, do so. Then to avoid being left in a lurch without a phone, bite the bullet (I know it's not my money) and get a replacement phone.
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    Yeah well I've been left with no choice now because the phone is well and truly broken. I can get it to fire up but it turns itself off and the battery won't charge.