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I tried installing iTunes in my Laptop but I ended up saying the message below

+"The installer encountered errors before iTunes could be configured.+

+Your system has not been modified. To retry these options at a later time please run the installer again."+

I have gone through most of the discussions regarding this in this very forum, which dates back to 2008 or so, but none of the solution helped me to rectify this bug.

Please help me if there were any new solution found to resolve this bug? And why haven't Apple tried to fix this bug as this dates back very long time?

Note: I have cleaned my Laptop for any previous installation of Quick Time, iTunes or Safari. So I guess the problem doesn't lie there

HP Pavilion dv6000, Windows Vista, 32 bit OS, 2 GB RAM, AMD Turion(tm) 64X2, 1.8 GHz
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    One more information: I had charged my iPod with the laptop before installing iTunes. Will this impact the iTunes installation? If then how can I remove the traces of the Hardware installation?

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    Since you haven't said what you tried, I don't know if you have already tried this:

    Download and save the installer on your PC if you haven't already done so. The try running the installer with run as administrator.

    Sometimes creating a new administrator account and installing from there works.

    Otherwise search your error logs using the Windows Event Viewer to see if there are any helpful messages at the time of the install failure.

    I am particularly thinking about permission issues.
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    Thanks, your post was helpful to trace something.

    I won't be able to download iTunes again and install it as my internet speed is slow. But then again I tried the another Administrator method with the already downloaded itunes.exe which didn't help

    I was able to track the log in the Event Viewer and found this:

    +Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: iTunes. Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Installation success or error status: 1603.+

    I guess it supposed to mean that there is an instance of this already existing and so it's failing to install. If yes, then I don't have any instance of iTunes, Quick time or Safari(cleaned using Microsoft cleanup utility) in my system. Probably, is it that hardware installation of iPod bugging this, which I had mentioned in my second post?
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    Is there any further information on that error?

    I am not clear if that error number is a Windows Installer error, if it is, it is a file in use error.

    I don't see how jut charging your iPod would affect things, but do you have any iPod software installed in Programs.
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    I am at work right now. So won't be able to check it. Just wanted to pass on this information if it might be useful.

    I don't have any iPod related software, however I have installed Creative Zen MP3(Video one) software in my system.

    Just saying as by *iPod s/w*, I guess you might have meant *MP3 players* from other brands
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    No, I just meant Apple software.

    Just to be sure, have you removed all the iTunes related programs according to the method in this article:

    If there are no further details on the error message, it might be worth trying to install the iTunes related programs separately to see which one if giving trouble and if there is a more helpful error message.
    Here is a way of doing it:

    Open notepad and copy the following 3 lines into it.

    md temp
    itunessetup /extract temp

    Save the file as extract.bat into the same folder that contains the itunes installer.

    Double click on extract.bat and a black window will open telling you what it is doing. When its finished, press any key to continue.
    You should find that a folder called temp has been created containing all the itunes msi files.

    Install each one in turn in the reverse order listed in the removal link. i.e. Apple Application Support first.
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    Thanks for your efforts. My happy hours are finished and I won't be able to access internet from my home again for this month(I guess installation needs an active Internet connection). Will get back to you next week on how helpful this is or it actually helped me solve the problem.

    Thanks again. Highly appreciated
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    Well, however I tired the method and was able to close down the problem as you suggested.

    The problem was there with Appleapplicationsupport.msi

    When I tried installing it, it said

    +"This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package"+

    Hope it isn't because of 'no internet' connection.

    Should I try installing a lower version and upgrade from there. If yes, please do suggest the version.


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    Just to be sure, did you try other msi files and they were OK, so it is just AAS that is causing the problem?

    This message may be because the installer is damaged although I haven't seen this occur in an individual msi file, usually the message occurs when you run iTunesSetep.

    Can you get someone else to download the installer for you for another location and put it on a USB stick. Preferably a copy of the installer that you know has worked elsewhere.
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    Yeah will try that but just to be sure. Does the installation need an active internet connection, as I read somewhere that the installer get to the Apple website to fetch some details before it proceeds with installing
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    And yeah, no probs with the Apple Update setup.

    Same Problem with iTunes Setup but then again that is down to the Support Setup issue I guess

    Extraction contained

    1. Support
    2. Update
    3. iTunes
    4. QuickTime(which I didn't check)
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    iTunes doesn't need an active internet connection to install.

    The reason why I was interested in the other msi files is that if they are all affected, you may have a problem with your Windows Installer. Have you had any problems installing other software or Windows updates?
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    I don't remember having problems with any other MS installer. So will try downloading the older version(10.0.1) and try installing it and let you know the result.

    Thanks again.
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    At last installed the iTunes.

    Solution: I had this guy download the older version for me and tried installing the same. It installed without any trouble.

    But the problem now is I have to update this version again as my iPod is updated with the iTunes version 10.2 and doesn't gets detected to older version. Doing the same now(Upgrading the version to 10.2.1)

    BTW one thing which I don't understand is, I had used the same installer in two other machines and it was working fine in those(The machines which I had used to SYNC my iPod previously with) but failing in my current machine.

    Anyway I am leaving that to Apple and hope they release a bug free version next time around.

    Thanks again for helping me go through this. Much appreciated