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I have iphone 4g with ios 4.2.1 locked to Vodafone network in my country and i have issue with its wifi as my iphone has this problem exactly as this one present in following video..


so when my hand cover the side of the iphone device where its wifi antenna is suppose to be, i find that there is decrease in wifi signal reception as what happen with guy in the previous video and i just want to know if this problem present in my device only or this problem present in all iphone 4 devices?

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    Why there is no replay !! I think that many here have iphone 4 so plz answer my question
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    This may be an issue with either your wifi connection due to your location, or network settings. My opinion is it could be your location getting a poor signal.
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    Thanks for your answer but even when i am 5 feet away from my wireless router ,when i grip iphone 4 in landscape mode ( i mean when my hand is covering side of iphone where wifi antenna presesnt) i find that wifi signal indicator in upper status bar show drop from 3 bars to 1 bar and when i remove my hand from this iphone's side, i find that wifi signal icon show full 3 bars again after few seconds and yesterday i examined ipod 4th gen and iphone 3gs after connecting them to same wifi network and they show no problems in reception of wifi signal even when i grip them in landscape mode and also they could pick up my wireless router signal at far distance more than my new iphone 4 :(( and u should know that this problem bother me because when wifi signal drop occur it really affect speed of the intetnet in iphone and also it prevent me from grip mobile in landscape mode when using wifi internet.

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    When you hold the iphone 4s horizontal the wifi conection drops down to 1 bar or disconects totaly form wifi.

    I have been told that the wifi antena is on top part beside the camara lens, if cover with your hand the phone loses wifi completly.


    I have a router in the same room and when held horizontal the wifi goes down to 1 bar cant download nothing, horrible.

    I have contacted apple on this problem, I sending it in to be check, This cant be happing,,, before the dreath grip and now this.....???


    have any other noticed this problem ?? all fedback is greatly appriciated.


    Thanks to all