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Hey guys I would really appreciate any help.
My ipod touch had recently been lagging a bit, so I decided to sync, backup, then restore my ipod. My ipod is set for automatic sync, and does so on a near-daily basis with regular backups.

The itunes screen then let me choose which backup file to restore from, and I chose the one listed with my most recent backup file. The ipod then went through the "restoring ipod software" steps, but it then told me the process was complete way too soon. I checked, and it had not synced ANY of my music or paid apps even though they had been done automatically without problems before hand.

I finally gave up and chose to restore it from an earlier backup date, and despite having been backed up daily the most recent option was December. I did that, and once again NO music or apps were restored. I decided to go through my stuff and manually recheck which playlists and apps to restore and it just got done doing this. However now none of those apps have my personal information anymore, and despite some Game Center sign-in advantages, all my save data and personalizations are GONE and my in-app purchases are no longer there.

I've been searching for an answer, I know that I am allowed to redownload paid apps, but I really just want to make the backup file from before this massive failure to restore it to the way it was. Could anyone please help me? I can provide further information if it helps.

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    The backup does not include the apps themselves or music and some other things. Those are synced to the iPod from your library. Is the music and apps in the library and di a sync occur after the restore? For info about backups see:
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    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I've gone through the info you've provided and my problem is still not resolved.

    Yes, even if the backup itself isnt for my music and apps, I went through every possible step to save my data ahead of time before the restore.
    Like i said, my ipod is regularly synced so my music and apps are backed up. I also let it go through the back up again as i began the restore. Because it is regularly synced, all of my music, playlists and apps are also stored on my computer.
    Even if i had to accept that my apps will need to be reorganized, im really infuriated that NONE of those apps have my personal preferences and settings saved.

    Ive done ipod restores many times before, and nothing was different when i chose this latest restore. But now none of my saved backups have restored anything of use. What am i supposed to do? Why bother setting it up again if any future restores erase everything?

    My internet connection went out during the restore that messed everything up, and thats the only thing that was different but i dont see how that could have affected the loss of all my personal data.

    And also, I understand that if I try to download apps that I've already purchased in the iTunes store they will be recognized as already purchased and won't charge me again. But does this apply for in-app purchases? Like I have a free new app, and I chose to pay for the "upgrade to pro" in-app purchase. But since my restore, it says that app is still the free version and not the Pro version. I'm worried the only way to find out is if I purchase it again and hope I don't get an extra charge.
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    The only things that I can think of is to:
    - Reset your iPod
    Press and hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home
    button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - On the iPod go to Settings>Store and sign out of the iTunes account and sing into your iTunes account.
    - Try the restore process again.
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    In case anyone needed an answer to this particular problem:

    I'm unsure how I came to this solution, but it worked.
    Choosing "restore" from the iPod sync window failed to return my iPod to its most recent successful backup.
    Instead, I right-clicked on my iPod device on the left side of the iTunes window and chose "restore from backup" and selected the most recent successful backup.
    Everything had been fixed now. Still can't believe the solution was something so redundant, but I hope this information might help someone else in their frustration.

    Thanks for the suggestions though, everyone!
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    Ive just resolved this:

    I had the same problem so decided to restore again... what you need to be aware of is that when it has done the restore and reboots it will then load the phone up and it will say sync in process. I was also getting the message saying sim locked which normally prompts me to slid to unlock which now says "slide to cancel" so what has been happening is I have been cancelling the sync before it has completed.

    This in turn stops any apps synching and installing.

    Fixed now